A Virtual Receptionist You Can Trust

a virtual receptionistShould you be able to trust a virtual receptionist provider before deciding to work with them? We believe you should.

Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships, whether in our business or personal lives. We’ve taken special care to develop a service that is cost-effective, time-saving, and useful to business owners, and we know that the easiest way to build trust is to be honest and upfront about our company and what we do.

Below, we’ve outlined several reasons business owners can trust Conversational’s virtual receptionist service. Keep reading to learn more about a virtual receptionist you can trust!

A virtual receptionist you can trust

Skilled receptionists, better quality

We don’t hire receptionists without experience. We know that when you choose Conversational virtual receptionists to handle your calls, you’re allowing us to represent your business to callers. That’s a big deal, and we take it seriously. We hire skilled receptionists to work full-time from our offices so we can ensure consistency in the quality of our service.

We do not hire receptionists who work from home or from a remote location. With our entire team right here in our office, your calls are answered the way you request every time. You’ll never have to deal with your virtual receptionist taking a sick day, vacation, or holiday off. We make sure there are always receptionists standing by to answer your calls during our business hours.

Our receptionists also come from a variety of occupational backgrounds, and our team has extensive experience in the legal, medical, real estate, and beauty industries. Here you can view our list of specialty answering service options.

Inbound and outbound calls

While some virtual receptionist providers only provide the ability to answer incoming calls, our plans include both inbound and outbound calling. One of our most popular inbound features is appointment booking, and it comes free with every plan. When a customer calls for an appointment, our receptionists can easily access your scheduling software and handle appointment booking, rescheduling, or cancellations for you. We can update your schedule immediately and notify you of each change made. Talk about convenience!

Along with appointment booking, we offer outbound appointment reminders where we’ll phone your upcoming appointment holders to confirm that they’ll be attending their appointment. This cuts no-shows by up to 75%! We won’t just answer your calls and leave you to the rest. Inbound and outbound calls are included free in your plan.

More personalization options

Want our virtual receptionists to greet your callers a certain way? Promote current specials and deals you’re running? How about only transfer calls to your line after a certain time each day? We provide more personalization options to ensure our service can be adapted to meet your business’ needs.

You can turn our service on when you need us and off when you don’t. Some clients use us full-time to cover phone calls and messages; other clients use our virtual receptionist service as a backup solution to ensure no calls are missed during their busiest times. Because we pride ourselves on the level of personalization we provide, we’ll always work to adapt our plans to your needs.

Full 30 day free trial

Finally, we know that trust is easier to establish when a trial period is in place. That’s why we’re offering a full 30 day free trial to all new signups. We can tell you what a time-saver a virtual receptionist service like ours can be all day, but it won’t fully click until you’ve tried the service out for yourself. So for the next 30 days, we invite you to use our virtual receptionist service in full – all features are included in the free trial – and put us to the test.

If we’re not the virtual receptionist provider you’re looking for, you have zero obligation to sign up with us and you won’t owe a dime. We believe the 30 day trial helps us establish more trust with our clients, and we believe you’re going to love our service once you give us a try! Click the button below to start your free 30 day trial now.

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