Abby Connect vs Conversational: Are You Paying Too Much?

The cost of a virtual receptionist service can vary depending on the company you choose. When comparing Conversational and Abby Connect, the price is one of the largest differences between the two.

Even though price may not be the deciding factor, it can certainly influence your decision. It never makes sense to spend more, if you’re not getting more. Here’s a look at what Abby Connect and Conversational both offer.

Abby Connect vs Conversational

When you choose either Conversational or Abby Connect, you will get a great service. They both answer calls promptly, provide call transferring, return calls for you, provide flexibility and even deliver messages to you via text and email. You can use either service full time, part time or just for overflow calls.

The services offered by both of these companies provides somebody capable of taking orders, scheduling appointments, answering general customer service questions and many other tasks. Your virtual receptionists will be able to do many things to help you save money and grow your company, regardless of which one of these companies you choose.

Try It Before You Commit

Abby Connect gives you the option to use a free 14-day trial period to test out their service. This is about double what most other virtual receptionist companies provide in a free trial. With 14 days to test them out, you can get a sense of what they offer and how everything works.

Conversational takes it above and beyond by offering a 30 day risk free trial. Within the first two weeks of service, there will likely be some changes that you’d like in your call handling. You may still be getting your feet wet, especially if this is your first experience with a virtual receptionist. With a four week trial, however, you are more likely to get an understanding of everything a company offers, and you can better customize the options that you prefer.


Getting the right features from your virtual receptionist service matters. With Abby Connect and Conversational, you get unlimited talk time after the call has been transferred and a set amount of minutes with your monthly package. You will also get voicemail boxes and you can have your voicemails sent to your email.

Conversational provides no limit on the voicemail length, as well. You will also have the option to add additional voicemail boxes, but you will start with at least 10, depending on the plan you choose.

Both Conversational and Abby Connect provides a dedicated virtual receptionist and real time call reports. You will also get plenty of other features from both companies.


As you can see, Abby Connect and Conversational really are very similar. There are a few small differences with the features and the trial. However, the biggest difference is the price offered by both.

Abby Connect offers three packages ranging from $249 per month to $819 per month. They give you between 100 and 500 minutes per month. The range for how much you will spend per minute goes from $1.64 per minute to $2.49 per minute.

With Conversational, you get to choose from three packages as well. They offer between 100 and 500 minutes just like Abby Connect does. However, the price ranges from just $129 per month to just $579 per month, with price per minute ranging from $1.16 – $1.29 per minute.  They will even customize larger packages for you, if necessary.

Along with offering a much lower price per minute, Conversational offers great flexibility with upgrading. If you think you will go over your minutes, they will even back date your upgrade to ensure you get the best price for your virtual receptionist service.

When you choose Conversational for your virtual receptionist service, you get everything you need for an affordable rate. You will be able to expand your business hours take phone answering out of your business and give your staff more time to work on other tasks. Imagine what you can get done when you eliminate the distraction of hearing the phone ring all day long.

Use Conversational for your overflow calls, as a part time supplement to your full time team or hire them as your full time receptionist. Regardless of how you utilize the service, you are sure to increase your bottom-line. Click the button below to start a free 30 day trial!

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