Answer1 vs Conversational: Comparing Call Answering Services

answer1 vs conversational: comparing call answering services

Answer1 vs Conversational: Comparing Call Answering Services

When you start your search for the right call answering service, the best thing to do is to begin comparing call answering services based on a few factors or criteria that you determine ahead of time. What’s most important to you in an answering service?

For most, the following criteria are important to compare and consider in the search for the right call answering service:

  • Cost (including any additional monthly fees or charges)
  • Minutes included
  • Ease and cost of setup
  • Length of the trial period offered (if any)

We’re comparing call answering services, Answer1 vs Conversational, to find which call answering service offers the best value. For the sake of keeping it simple, we’re looking at Answer1’s Entrepreneur plan and Conversational’s Starter plan. They offer the same amount of minutes, but the similarities end there. Cost is likely the first difference you’ll notice, so that’s where we’ll start.


The Conversational Starter plan costs $129 per month once the free trial period ends. All new clients get started with a free 30 day trial to explore what the service has to offer and determine roughly how many minutes you’ll need each month after that. Once you sign up for the free trial, you can use this call answering service absolutely free of charge for the next 30 days (up to 1,000 minutes).

You can decide whether to continue the service or suspend it after the trial. Conversational’s plans range in price from $129 (100 minute plan, Starter) to $579 (500 minute plan, Enterprise). Your cost the first 30 days with Conversational on any plan: $0. 

Answer1 costs $239 per month, and when you sign up, that’s just the base charge. A one-time setup fee will be added to your bill, and you’ll be billed right away, as there is no free trial offered. Answer1’s plans range in price from $239 (100 minute plan, Entrepreneur) to $749 (500 minute plan, Executive). Your cost the first 30 days with Answer1 on the Entrepreneur plan: $329 before taxes.

Minutes included

Both Conversational’s Starter plan and Answer1’s Entrepreneur plan include 100 minutes per month. They are the most economical plans offered by each provider. When comparing call answering services, it’s important to also look at the price per minute and the policy for minute overages.

Price per minute

At $129 per month and offering 100 minutes for that price, Conversational’s Starter plan costs $1.29 per minute once the free trial period ends.

At $239 per month and offering 100 minutes for that price, Answer1’s Entrepreneur plan costs $2.39 per minute. That’s 85.3% more per minute than Conversational when comparing the Starter and Entrepreneur plans.

Minute overages

Conversational’s pricing page includes the following statement on minute overages: “All additional minutes subject to overage charge of $1.50/minute.

Answer1’s pricing page includes the following statement: “If you go over the minute allowance for any given billing cycle, every additional minute is charged at your base rate.” This means if you are on the Answer1 Entrepreneur plan with 100 minutes, you will pay $2.39 for every additional minute you use over 100. That’s 59% more than Conversational for minute overages when comparing the Starter and Entrepreneur plans.

Setup fee

Conversational does not charge a setup fee.

Sometimes setup fees are put in place by call answering providers to cover the training, initial setup, and various processes required to get a new call answering account up and running, but you won’t pay a setup fee with Conversational. Setup can happen in as little as 2-3 hours when you sign up for a free trial.

Answer1 does charge a one-time $90 setup fee in addition to the price of the plan selected. There is no information available on the amount of time setup takes on the Answer1 pricing page.

Trial period

Conversational offers a free 30 day trial period to all new clients. The trial includes up to 1,000 minutes within that 30 day period, which begins the day you sign up. Signup can be completed online, via telephone, or via email. There is no obligation to sign up for the service after the trial period ends.

Answer1 offers no free trial, but does offer a “No questions asked” 21 day money back guarantee. The pricing page includes the following statement: “The money back guarantee is only valid for the first 21 days of Client service or 500 minutes of usage, whichever occurs first.”

Conversational not only offers 85% lower pricing than Answer1, but it also offers a full 30 day free trial compared to a 21 day money back guarantee, no setup fee, and a much better value per-minute than Answer1. It’s clear that between these two call answering providers, Conversational offers the best value.

Start a free 30 day trial with any Conversational call answering plan by clicking the button below! Your trial includes 1,000 minutes and no setup fee. There’s no obligation to sign up once your trial period ends, so start your free trial today!

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*This information is correct according to the Answer1 pricing page and Conversational pricing page as of 06/16/2017 at 09:15 AM. Every effort will be made to update this information should it change.

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