Opportunities are never missed by the user with Scheduling, re-scheduling and even cancellations are possible through this program. It is a source of great cost-effectiveness for your business and customers find it very helpful. Several appointment bookings can be managed at the same time with the aid of the online appointment scheduler rather than maintaining a single appointment book in house.

Businesses that have numerous employees, multiple locations and offer a wide range of services find the solution provided by is the most ideal for them.

You can set up the number of services you offer and rely upon the program to do the rest.

Features Include

Control and Security

The most important feature for a business as well as its clients is security. SSL encryption provides a high deal of security during all transactions. Setting up access controls is very easy, granting a receptionist, colleague or any other employee to use the system without difficulty.



The look as well as the contents of your calendar can be customized by you to suit the image you want for your business. The use of this feature is pretty simple and its simplicity can be compared to the addition of a color scheme or custom logo.


Payment System

Several types of payment options are supported by for the aid of your clients. Naturally, while both PayPal as well as credit cards are supported, you can customize the rules related to payments.


Powerful API

The intense power of integration of with other applications is the most important feature of And this is possible due to the presence of powerful API features. Integrated as well as seamless solutions are developed for the users with the aid of this technique.


Appointment Book and Scheduler

With customers can easily select their appointment with you whenever they want.


Calendar Sync

Users can automatically sync their appointment calendar with all major desktop, mobile, and cloud-based calendaring solutions, including Outlook, Google, and iCal. When a customer makes an appointment, it will instantly appear in their calendar, helping to prevent forgotten appointments, late arrivals and no-shows. offers a 30 day free trial and business packages that are based on the number of bookings a business requires.


$8.25/month              100 bookings

$29/month                 300 bookings

$39/month                 600 bookings

$50/month                 1000 bookings


Although can be integrated with your website and used online, your customer deserve a more personal touch with a friendly and helpful receptionist that can easily answer all their inquiries and assist them in getting the product or service they need; and let’s not forget the clients without internet access or education in using the online booking systems.


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