AskSunday vs Conversational: Is Cheaper Always Better?

AskSunday was first made popular when it was endorsed by Tim Ferris after he published the “4-Hour Workweek”. The popularity has continued as they have been featured in many publications over the years.

Even though AskSunday is very popular, they may not be the best virtual assistant choice. Conversational is another great choice in the virtual assistant industry. No longer does AskSunday dominate the industry, as it has become far more competitive. Here’s a look at what both companies offer and which one is the right choice.

AskSunday vs Conversational

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What Each Company Offers

AskSunday and Conversational are very similar in what they offer. Both offer dedicated virtual assistants to handle tasks, such as outbound calling, data entry, social media management, research, travel planning and more. Even the pricing of both companies is very similar.

However, there is one glaring difference. Conversational is 100% North American based, while AskSunday isn’t. When you use Conversational, you will get dedicated, US and Canadian based virtual assistants. With AskSunday, there is no guarantee your assistants will be from the US, Canada or another English speaking country. They may be based in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, but that doesn’t mean their virtual assistants are from those four countries.

What Type of Value Does Each Company Offer?

Looking at just the price of the packages and the hourly rate, AskSunday is the cheaper option. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes you pay less, but you are also giving up benefits and quality of service.

Conversational offers three monthly packages ranging from $300 to $1,000 per month with a range of 10 to 40 hours of work done per month. Each package includes dedicated virtual assistants, professionally trained to handle any tasks you submit.

AskSunday offers multiple packages ranging from $119 to $1,099 per month with 10 to 160 hours of work done per month. They give you a dedicated assistant to handle all of your specific needs and the ability to purchase more time at an hourly rate. AskSunday also offers an On Demand package for $29 per month, which includes 2 hours of time and additional time at $15 per hour.

While the price AskSunday charges may be lower, it’s not necessarily the right choice. They offer services at very low rates, which means you are giving up something when you hire AskSunday. In most cases, you are giving up the quality of service because your virtual assistant will be based overseas in a non-English speaking country. You may end up with a virtual assistant from India, the Philippines or another county, which you could have hired directly for $5 per hour or less.

The value of a US or Canada based assistant is huge. It means you won’t waste time with a language gap and the person assisting you will have a better understanding of you and your business. When looking at the price per hour, along with what you get, Conversational provides a lower hourly rate.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Back in 2007, Time Magazine hyped up AskSunday by voting them the number two website for the year. However, times have changed and they are not the only player in the industry anymore. With virtual assistant services becoming more mainstream, it’s important to get both quality and an affordable price.

AskSunday is the perfect choice if you have no way to stretch your budget further than just a few dollars a month for an assistant. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you may just want to hire a super cheap virtual assistant directly, but be ready for poor quality communication and service.

If you are looking for somebody really capable of saving you time, increasing your productivity and helping you grow your business, you need a professional team of virtual assistants from Conversational. With Conversational, time will not be wasted, but saved. All your necessary tasks will be handled properly and you won’t have to worry about a language gap slowing you down.

There are several virtual assistant services available. AskSunday and Conversational are two of the best you will find, but Conversational is the clear winner in this battle. They provide a higher quality of service for an affordable price.

If you run a small business or you work from home, Conversational is the choice for your virtual assistant needs. Start your free 30 day trial with Conversational by clicking below!

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