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basecamp vs asana

With so many choices for project management software, it’s important to compare a few of the top choices before making your final decision. There isn’t necessarily one choice that’s better than all of the others. However, when looking as Basecamp vs Asana, you may discover one or the other fits better for your specific situation.

Both provide high customers satisfaction levels and both are known as solid choices. They are not the same, yet they do provide some of the same features. Here’s a closer look at what Basecamp vs Asana provide.


When you look at the features of Basecamp vs Asana, they are very similar. It’s easier to look at what is different about each compared to what they have in common.

The main goal of Asana is to provide easy collaboration for users. This project management software choice makes it very easy for users to get the information they need in an easy view. It’s easy to see long-term goals and deadlines. This specific program also offers about 40 keyboard shortcuts, which can make it very efficient for users.

Asana used to provide only limited chat functionality. However, they updated the software last year and the communications have improved tremendously. Now, you can have conversations across projects with other members and you can chat with team members individually. It’s also possible to filter, sort and unfollow conversations, as necessary, within Asana.

Basecamp often gets compared to Apple when it comes to functionality. It’s very intuitive and user-friendly. Users receive daily emails of the tasks completed the day before. It’s also possible to review a daily progress timeline and the software will automatically save work for you as you type. There’s no risk of losing any work due to a computer crash.

This project management software choice is known as an easy to use and simple system to learn. Basecamp keeps things simple, which some do prefer.

When it comes to the battle of functionality, the differences between Basecamp vs Asana are very small. Both provide excellent collaboration tools, calendars and the ability to scale. However, larger projects can be a bit more difficult in Basecamp, so by a very slight edge, Asana is the winner for functionality.


Choosing the right project management software requires an understanding of how projects are stored. It can be time consuming and rather irritating if you have to go back and delete old projects just to free up storage.

Asana and Basecamp treat storage differently. With Basecamp, you can store an unlimited number of projects with the space you purchase within your package. You can buy extra storage as you need it, so you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space.

With Asana, storage isn’t the function they specialize in. Instead, they integrate with cloud storage provides, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. There is a 100MB limit when it comes to an individual attachment, however. Your space with Asana is limited by the cloud provider you choose and not by the project management software itself.

Since storage is very different when looking at Basecamp vs Asana, it’s not easy to really choose a winner in this category. It really depends on preference, so it’s a tie between the two project management software options.

Cost of Basecamp vs Asana

Just as the storage of Basecamp and Asana is quite different, so is the pricing. One of the things making Asana different from Basecamp is the open source label and ability to use it free of charge. Some prefer Asana over Basecamp simply for this reason.

Asana is only free for up to 15 users, but it’s rather inexpensive if you have more than 15 users on your team. The free version is a bit limited compared to the upgrade, but you still get the basic dashboards, basic search and the ability to create unlimited projects, tasks and conversations.

Upgrading to the Premium version of Asana will cost you $8.33 per month for each member of your team and it’s billed annually. Some discounts for smaller teams are available.

With the premium version, you gain access to unlimited dashboards, advanced reporting and searching, task dependencies, admin controls, private projects and teams, along with SSO and priority support. In addition, you get all the normal features that come with the free version.

Those in need of even more power from Asana can opt for the premium version. Pricing is done on a custom quote basis for this version of Asana. You’ll get all of the features of the premium version and you will also gain incredible access to support (guaranteed within 2 business hours) the ability to maintain better control over security and data, advanced admin controls like SAML and service accounts, along with a dedicated customer success manager. They will also be adding user provisioning and de-provisioning with custom branding to the enterprise package very soon.

Basecamp, on the other hand, cannot be used for free by businesses. They do offer a free version for teachers and students, along with a 50% discount for charities and non-profit organizations.

The pricing is very straight-forward at $99 per month for businesses or $1,000 per year, which is about a 15% discount. They don’t charge per-user fees and you get an unlimited number of projects and users with your package.

Both Basecamp and Asana can be used for free with Basecamp offering a free 30-day trial. This does give you the ability to test out the systems before purchasing. While Asana may appear less expensive when comparing the Premium package to Basecamp, it all depends on how many users you will have. Once you get over 12 users, the price works out to be about the same as Basecamp per month.

The winner when it comes to pricing depends on what you need for your project and team management. If you’re team is under 15 users and you don’t need more than just a basic system, Asana is a much better choice because it’s free. However, if you need advanced capabilities and you plan to grow your team over time, Basecamp is a better option because they offer one price for unlimited users.

The Verdict

After looking at Basecamp vs Asana, it’s not easy to pick just one clear winner. It really depends on what you need for your company and what you are willing to spend. Asana has a few more advanced features, especially in the enterprise package, you won’t find with Basecamp. However, Basecamp is a very good project management system with the ability to create unlimited project and add unlimited users for one monthly or annual fee.

Overall, those looking for a free system should certainly choose Asana. However, if you plan to pay for a system and grow your team, Basecamp may be the right choice. The best way to determine the right project management software for you, when comparing Basecamp vs Asana, is to test them both. Since Asana offers a free version and Basecamp offers a free trial, you can test drive both choices before deciding. Then, you will be able to choose the software best for your business needs.

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