Basecamp vs. Teamwork: A Battle of Online Collaboration Tools

Basecamp vs. TeamworkFinding a great project management tool makes it easy for your team to collaborate. There are several choices out there. Basecamp and Teamwork are two of the top choices you will find. Understanding what both offer will help you make the right decision for your specific needs.

Supported Platforms

Basecamp works as a web-based collaboration tool or it can be used with Mac OS X. Most users choose Basecamp if they are looking for a web-based option for project management.

Teamwork, on the other hand, works not only as a web-based option, but also with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. They provide a collaboration tool just about anybody can use, regardless of the platform.

The winner when it comes to supported platforms is clearly Teamwork.

Mobile Apps

Maybe you need to be able to access your collaboration tool on the go. Both Basecamp and Teamwork provide mobile app support. While Teamwork supports iPhone, Android and the Windows Phone, Basecamp only supports iPhone and Android. Neither tool provides mobile web app support.

The winner for mobile app support is Teamwork.


BasecampIt’s very important to get the features you need from your collaboration tool. Both Basecamp and Teamwork provide plenty of great features, but they won’t both work for everybody.

Basecamp provides easy email integration, project tracking, project templates, labeling and the ability to create to-do lists. For many businesses and freelancers, this project management tool provides just what you need.

Those looking for a few additional features and the ability to time track projects, will prefer Teamwork. With Teamwork you get API, email integration, file management, project time tracking, project tracking, a timer and milestone tracking. However, it doesn’t come with the ability to create to-do lists, any project templates or labeling.

There is no real winner when it comes to features. Basecamp offers features Teamwork doesn’t have and Teamwork offers features Basecamp doesn’t have. If you need to track time, Teamwork is your winner. If time doesn’t matter to you, Basecamp is your winner.


Basecamp and Teamwork both offer a free trail with no credit card required. They are both priced with a subscription model with a monthly price depending on the plan you select.

Basecamp prices start at $49 per month. Users can pay $20 to $150 for a specific amount of space and number of projects allowed. They also offer an annual package for $3,000, which includes 500 GB of space, unlimited projects and priority support.

Teamwork packages start as low as $12 per month and go as high as $249 per month. They don’t offer an unlimited project package, but they do offer an Enterprise package. The Enterprise package provides additional features and it’s a bit of a different product altogether.

When it comes to price, Teamwork is the winner with prices starting much lower than Basecamp.

What Each Company Has to Say

Basecamp has been around for a while and states they are set up to make it easy for those with different responsibilities to stay connected with others they work with. They are a place to discuss projects, share files, collaborate, assign tasks and keep an eye on due dates. Everything is stored securely and can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7.

Teamwork touts itself as a “better way to run your own business.” They believe the current choices are either too confusing or too basic. Teamwork was created as a practical solution to collaboration and organization. It’s a way to “Get Things Done” and eliminates the need for unnecessary meetings.

What do Users Say about Basecamp vs. Teamwork?

Overall, both collaboration tools receive high marks from users in most categories. Both score well on overall rating with at least four out of five stars on most review sites.

However, Basecamp scores lower than Teamwork when it comes to ease of use, customer service and value for money. In fact, Basecamp only receives an average of about 2.5 stars for customer support, while Teamwork receives 3.5 stars.

Which Collaboration Tool is the Right Choice?

TeamworkBasecamp and Teamwork are not the same. If you are looking for a tool with the ability to time projects, Teamwork is the right choice. If timing projects isn’t important, you may want to consider Basecamp.

Overall, Teamwork is the winner in the battle of Basecamp vs. Teamwork. With the ability to work across more platforms, timing features, a lower cost and better overall ratings, it’s clearly the right choice for most businesses and freelancers.

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