Basecamp vs Trello – The Project Management Choice

basecamp vs trelloIf you’re interested in upgrading your current project management software or you’re looking for the right choice to get your team organized, Basecamp and Trello are two of the top choices. They both have high ratings from customers and provide features making it easy to enjoy better project and team management.

While Basecamp and Trello may seem similar, they do have some differences. One may fit your needs better than another. Here’s a closer look at Basecamp vs. Trello.

Basecamp vs Trello: Features

Some of the features you will find with Basecamp and Trello are pretty much the same. However, they do have a few key differences, which could make things easier or harder.

Basecamp provides easy project organization with to-do lists and calendar views. It’s also easy to integrate with email and provides plenty of notifications. With Basecamp, you also have the ability to easily share files and documents.

You can integrate Basecamp with cloudHQ, SupportBee, LessAccounting and TeamGantt. There is also a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Trello provides real-time collaboration with email notifications, the ability to assign tasks and an unlimited number of cards and board members. You can easily categorize the cards and create lists within Trello. The system can be integrated with Zapier, Marketo, Slack and SupportBee. It also includes a mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle.

Both provide great choices when it comes to features, but Trello takes the lead in the battle of Basecamp vs. Trello by just a small margin. Basecamp’s features are a bit more basic and they don’t include the mobile app for Windows or Kindle, so Trello comes out ahead for features.

Basecamp vs Trello: Support

While support may not be a huge factor it can be rather important if you do have an issue with your system. Both Trello and Basecamp provide some support, but one is certainly better than the other.

Trello offers a knowledge base and an online submission form system for support. If you upgrade to the Business Class or Enterprise you do receive priority email support with a guaranteed response within one business day. However, this could also mean with the basic system the support isn’t very fast and waiting a full business day when you need help may not be the best choice.

Basecamp offers a FAQ area, tutorials and guides, an online submission form and help through Twitter. The average response time is displayed on their website from the day before and usually averages between 3 and 8 minutes. Within the self-help support area, you can read guides or watch videos to learn about the different area of the system. With Basecamp, you don’t have to be a business or enterprise customer to get priority support.

When it comes to support in the battle of Basecamp vs. Trello, it’s clear; Basecamp is the winner. They offer better overall support and the option to get nearly instant help through Twitter makes their support system a great choice.

Basecamp vs Trello: Cost

The pricing structure of Basecamp and Trello are widely different. Since Trello offers a free version and Basecamp offers a free trial, you do get the opportunity to try them out free of charge. However, outside the free options, they are very different when it comes to pricing.

Trello provides a free forever option with unlimited boards, cards, members, attachments, checklists and lists. You get one power-up per board, which allows the integration of additional features. The free choice allows attached files to be up to 10MB in size and you can attach from your computer or link files from OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox.

If you need more power and features from Trello, you can upgrade to the Business Class option. It’s $9.99 per month for every user if you pay annually. With this package, you gain all the same features as the free version, but you get unlimited board power-ups and the ability to integrate with Evernote, Google Hangouts, Sales Force, Google Drive, Slack and more. You can also attach files up to 250MB in size.

In addition, the business class package provides more control with one-click access removal of former member, better group, team and board organization, better security with restricted membership invitation and priority email support service.

Trello also offers an Enterprise level, which is quoted on a per customer basis. This level gives you all the features of Business Class with additional features, such as SAML IdPs, two-factor authentication, a dedicated account executive to help with training and productivity, personalized assistance for adoption, execution and migration of materials, along with priority email and phone support.

Basecamp doesn’t offer different levels of pricing anymore. They used to base the pricing on the amount of space you needed. However, the new plan from Basecamp gives you unlimited projects and unlimited users for just $99 per month or $1,000 per year. You don’t have to pay per-user fees. They will even extend the free trial past 30 days if you need more time to evaluate the system.

Basecamp also offers 50% discounts for charities and non-profits. If you’re a teacher or student, they offer a free option you can use, as well.

When it comes to pricing, Basecamp is the winner in the battle of Basecamp vs Trello. While Trello does offer a free option, the pricing after that can add up in a hurry. With a $9.99 per month, per user fee, it only takes 10 users to be at the same price point as the flat, fixed pricing offers from Basecamp.

Overall Winner

Trello may be the right system for many businesses and teams needing project management software. The free version is great if you just need something basic. However, if you need more advanced features, Basecamp may be the better option. The flat, fixed pricing with plenty of features and unlimited options makes it a great choice.

It’s hard to say one is the winner in the battle of Basecamp vs Trello. However, Basecamp does edge out Trello in pricing and the support is well above unless you’re an enterprise customer of Trello. If you’re looking for the best project management software for your needs, try them both out for free before you make your final decision.

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