Call Center Services

call center servicesUtilizing call center services to handle your inbound and outbound calls can help you become more hands-on in other areas of your business. Without the need to be available by phone during the work day, you enable yourself to focus your attention on your highest priorities instead of answering calls, booking appointments, handling customer inquiries, and making calls throughout the day.

You’re a business owner, and you shouldn’t have to be your own customer service representative – leave your calls, inbound and outbound, to call center professionals like us.

Call center services

Hand your inbound and outbound calls to the professionals! We offer all of the following call center services in 3 monthly plans to meet your needs.

○ Personalized call answering

Use your existing phone number or take advantage of the free local telephone number we assign you when you sign up. By getting detailed information from you about your business and the way you want your calls answered, we provide personalized call answering that will leave your callers thinking they’ve spoken to an in-house receptionist.

You can choose a custom greeting or approve a greeting we create for you. Each caller will be greeted in this manner consistently.

○ Placing outbound calls

This is one of the most popular call center services. Not only can we handle your inbound calls with finesse, but we can also place outbound calls on your behalf – returning phone calls, appointment reminders, collecting information from clients and vendors, and more.

If you’d rather not spend your day making calls, we’d be glad to take over for you!

○ Call screening and transfers

A busy business owner just doesn’t have time to screen their own calls or deal with telemarketers, pushy salespeople, and irrelevant calls. Our small call center does! Give us instructions on which calls or callers to screen and which should be transferred to you.

You’ll cut down your time on the phone and keep solicitors from ever getting a foot in the door when you use Conversational.

○ General inquiries and basic customer service

In our experience, callers have lots of questions. What good is a call center that can’t answer simple caller questions? Once you’ve answered the same question about your business for the one-thousandth time, you may decide it’s time to send those calls to a call center like ours.

It’s our job to be reliable and consistent. We can offer answers to basic questions your callers have, including services provided, company location and hours, information on current specials and promotions, and more.

○ Custom call handling procedures

Not every call should be handled identically. That’s why we offer fully customizable call handling procedures. You can direct us to handle your calls in specific ways according to the caller’s need, the day of the week, based on your own availability, and more.

The more you are able to customize your experience with us, the more our call answering specialists seem like an extension of your business rather than an outside provider.

○ Appointment booking and reminders

When a caller reaches out to your business to make, reschedule, or cancel an appointment, our professional team will make those changes in your scheduling software so your calendar always reflects the most current and up-to-date information. Because we also offer outbound calls, we can provide a unique service that is proven to reduce no-shows by up to 75%: Appointment reminders.

We simply phone your upcoming appointment holders to confirm that they’ll be attending the appointment. If they are unable to attend, we focus on rescheduling over cancellation. Our job is to make sure you’re not losing money due to no-shows and forgotten appointments.

○ Voicemail messages via email or text message

Once our team receives a message for you, you’ll learn about it right away via email message or secure text message. Choose email notifications if you prefer to get to your messages when it’s convenient for you; choose secure text message notifications if you like to know who called and what they needed right away.

We’ll provide the actual audio file of your voicemail so no information from the message is “lost in translation.”

○ Choose full-time, part-time, or backup coverage

We cover the phones when you need us, whether that’s all day, every day or only when you’re unable to get to the phone. You’ll choose the amount of coverage you need with the confidence that during that time, not a single call will be missed or ignored. This is particularly helpful for businesses with few employees to help cover for sick days, vacations, busy periods, holidays, unexpected events, and more.

For example, if you prefer handling most calls yourself and only need us for backup, we can set up your call forwarding so that only calls that reach the third or fourth ring are sent to our answering specialists.

Types of call centers

Our company, Conversational, is one of the three types of call centers. We are a top-rated answering service, not a large contact center. Read more about the 3 types of call centers below.

Call Center services

Answering service. An answering service is a small call center, usually employing anywhere from 5-50 call answering specialists who handle client phone calls. You might hear call answering specialists referred to as virtual receptionists, operators, or remote receptionists. We are a classic example of an answering service.

When an incoming call reaches an answering service, generally, the first available call answering specialist will take the call using the in-house database with client information to give personalized greetings and information to the caller. An answering service is the best type of call center for companies that don’t want their callers to know they’re being handled outside of company headquarters. Answering services generally offer call answering, basic customer service, message taking and delivery via email or text message, and sometimes appointment booking.

Who uses answering services? Most answering service clients are law offices, medical offices, beauty and barber salons, real estate agents, service contractors, and small businesses. The cost of an answering service widely varies, but for an idea of cost, Conversational offers pricing as low as $1.15 per minute and $129/month.

Call center. Call centers are medium-sized, usually employing somewhere around 30-100 agents. Different groups of agents handle different types of calls, like appointments, orders, customer service, etc. Call center services have a similar set of features and options as answering services, but at a higher cost that makes this type of service more appropriate for hotels, small chain restaurants, and catalog companies than small businesses. Expect to pay around $500/month for a service like this.

Contact center. The largest and costliest type of call center, the contact center usually employs anywhere from a few hundred agents to a few thousand. The chaotic mental image we tend to conjure up with the words “call center” usually depicts a contact center. Agents may work solely with one large client; i.e., Dell technical support. If you’ve ever been on the line with a contact center, you probably know that many contact centers are now offshore and located overseas in an effort to reduce labor costs (at the expense of customer satisfaction). Costs are very high and can be in the millions per year. This type of call center is for large companies and corporations.

No matter what your call answering needs are, our small call center can offer a customized, top-notch solution that costs less than your monthly internet and cable bill. For a limited time, we’re giving a free month of service to new signups that includes 1,000 minutes and all of the features you see above.

Click the blue button below to sign up for your 30 day free trial and see if our call center services are the right fit for you!

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