Call Ruby vs Conversational – Which is the Right Choice?

Call Ruby vs. Conversational – Which is the Right Choice?

Finding the right company for your virtual receptionist is very important. Without the right team, you may not end up with the service you need. Some receptionists simply are not as good as others. Here’s a look at the top two choices for virtual receptionist services and how they compare.

Call Ruby logo Ruby vs Conversational Conversational Receptionists Logo
100 minutes Receptionist Time 100 minutes
$269 Monthly Cost $159
Unlimited Voicemail Boxes Unlimited
21 days Risk Free Money Back Guarantee 30 day free trial
14 years Call Center Experience 19 years
1 win, 2 ties TOTALS 3 wins, 2 ties winner


What Call Ruby & Conversational Have in Common

The main thing you will find in common between these two leaders in the virtual receptionist industry is their professionalism. Both Conversational & Call Ruby provide great service and excellent receptionists ready to help you get the most out of your service. Both companies offer three plans ranging from 100 minutes to 500 minutes. Other things they have in common include:

  • Offering Voicemail Service
  • Live Phone Answering
  • Forwarding Service
  • Ability to Route Calls to Multiple People/Departments
  • Similar Hours from Monday to Friday

Even though these two companies have plenty in common, there are some features they simply do not share.


What are the Key Differences Between Call Ruby & Conversational?

There are many differences between Call Ruby and Conversational virtual receptionists. These differences range from small to very large. For example, if you choose a base plan with Call Ruby, you will be paying $269/month, while with Conversational, you will pay $159. This makes a difference to your overhead, not to mention Call Ruby does annual price increases which drives many client’s away due to increasing costs. Conversational has more than 19 years of call center experience, while Call Ruby only has 14 years of experience. The Most Significant Differences There are three major differences found between Call Ruby and Conversational. These three differences significantly separate these two companies.

  • First, Conversational’s setup is free EVEN after Call Ruby’s 21 day risk free trial.  You do not pay until you have tried 30 full days of service with Conversational!
  • Second, the base package from Conversational is only $159, while Call Ruby’s comparable package is $269!
  • Finally, Conversational has several office locations around North America to ensure that weather or unforeseen circumstances don’t interrupt your coverage. Call Ruby currently only operates within the US, and boasts their presence mainly in the western states.

Which Company Wins Between Call Ruby and Conversational?

Conversational - the clear winner The clear winner out of these two virtual receptionist companies is Conversational. With a less expensive base package, more benefits, free setup without obligation, and many other benefits than Call Ruby.  You simply get more for the money you spend when you choose Conversational for your virtual receptionist services. * This page was published on 12/11/2017 and contains accurate public information as listed on as of that date. The Ruby Receptionist logo, along with the trade names Call Ruby, and Ruby Receptionists are owned by Ruby Receptionists and copyright rules and regulations apply. Please contact us to request changes or to dispute any information found in this article.

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