Davinci Virtual vs Conversational – Which is the Better Virtual Receptionist Service?

Comparing two companies – Davinci Virtual vs Conversational – that are capable of providing exceptional virtual receptionist service isn’t always easy. Both Conversational and Davinci Virtual provide good services with similar benefits. Here’s a look at some of the features and benefits offered by both.

Comparing DaVinci Virtual vs Conversational

Davinci Virtual offers four packages, but only two of those packages come with live receptionist services. For this comparison, we will look at those two packages, along with the three virtual receptionist packages offered by Conversational.

The two packages from Davinci Virtual provide many benefits for your business. They both include a tool free number, live receptionist services, appointment scheduling, order processing, customer care and more.

Davinci VirtualThe smaller package, which is called the Small Biz 50 provides 50 minutes. The larger package or the Executive 100 provides 100 minutes of time. Calls are answered for your business from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

Conversational, on the other hand, offers three plans, all with a 30 Day Risk Free Trial period. All of the plans come with unlimited talk time after transfer, no time limit on voicemail, voicemail delivered via email, full receptionist services, order processing, appointment scheduling and much more.

With the lowest level plan, you get 100 minutes and 10 voicemail storage boxes. The middle plan provides 200 minutes and 20 voicemail storage boxes. The largest plan provides 500 minutes and 30 voicemail storage boxes.

The Winner: Conversational

When looking at just the packages, Conversational edges out Davinci Virtual because they offer three packages with many advantages compared to the limited two packages from Davinci Virtual.

Comparing the Price

Of course, one of the most important things to compare between Davinci Virtual vs Conversational is the price. They both provide similar package, but the price is certainly different.

With Davinci Virtual, you can get the Small Biz 50 package with 50 minutes for $149 per month. If you need more minutes, you can get the Executive 100 package with 100 minutes for $199 per month.

The packages from Conversational start at $129 per month for 100 minutes. You can get 200 minutes for just $239 per month or 500 minutes for $579 per month. If you need more minutes, you can always have a custom package built for your specific needs.

The Winner: Conversational

It’s very clear, Conversational offers the best price. For less than the smallest package from Davinci Virtual, you can get twice the minutes.

Which is the Better Virtual Receptionist Service?

Virtual ReceptionistAfter looking at the packages and the price of Davinci Virtual vs Conversational, Conversational is the clear winner in both categories. Since Conversational only offers virtual receptionist services, they specialize in this service. Davinci Virtual specializes in offering virtual offices and happen to offer virtual receptionist services.

If you prefer a specialist with the ability to provide better virtual receptionist services, Conversational is the right choice. However, if you need a virtual office, Davinci Virtual may be the right choice for your needs.

Conversational also happens to offer customizable virtual receptionist services for many small business industries. Davinci Virtual isn’t quite as customizable and provides a bit more of a general service.

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