EAHelp vs Conversational – Which Virtual Assistants are Best For You?

EAHelp and Conversational are two companies providing virtual assistants for business owners. Even though these two companies provide similar services, they are very different. Here’s a comprehensive look at the differences between the two companies.

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What Each Company Offers

At first glance, it’s easy to see how similar the offerings from both EAHelp and Conversational are because they both offer virtual assistants. However, the similarities end there.

EAHelp doesn’t provide pricing on their website, while Conversational does. This is just one of the many differences you will find between these two VA companies.

Instead of giving you a few packages to choose from, EAHelp wants you to provide information up front and they will send you a proposal. This may allow the company to choose the rate they think is fair based on your industry and needs. If you like the proposal they send, you can sign the contract and move forward.  However, some of the information requested may be business sensitive, for example they request the amount of revenue you currently generate…

When you visit the Conversational website, you will notice three virtual assistant packages. Whether you just need 10 hours per month from an assistant or 40 hours per month, Conversational has a package perfect for your needs. The best part – you will know what you are paying up front.

Even though both companies provide VAs that are probably capable of doing the same tasks, EAHelp has a reputation for charging more per hour than Conversational. This may be the reason they don’t advertise their prices online.

According to past clients and other reviews about EAHelp, the hourly rate ranges from about $35 to $44. This is much higher than Conversational, which provides packages for under $20 per hour. The question is, will you really get twice as much quality or work from EAHelp compared to Conversational?


Quality of Virtual Assistants from EAHelp

Of course, the price you pay for your virtual assistant service isn’t the only thing making your decision. You need high quality assistants capable of taking care of the tasks you assign. While EAHelp provides quality virtual assistants, they may not fit with you.

The virtual executive assistants they offer work well for the financial, healthcare and technology industries. They also work well for publishers and authors. However, if you don’t fit into one of these categories, they may not be the right assistants for your needs.

High Quality Virtual Assistants from Conversational

Conversational offers virtual assistants capable of working with you in any industry. Since the cost is lower than other companies, a small business owner can hire a VA without breaking the bank. Conversational provides assistants for anybody needing the help instead of just higher up executives in specific industries.

With Conversational, you get a flexible assistant able to take care of planning, research, editing, scheduling and many other tasks perfect for delegation. You don’t have to worry about the quality, as they provide professionally trained assistants ready to help you gain time and get more done.

Which is Better, Conversational or EAHelp?

With EAHelp, you are paying for their high quality endorsements, such as Michael Hyatt and other Fortune 500 companies. However, if you are just looking for a high quality virtual assistant team, you may not want to pay twice the price just because EAHelp has worked with a few well-known companies.

Conversational provides a similar service at a much lower price. One of the biggest differences is the target market of both companies. EAHelp appears to target the higher up executives of larger companies, while Conversational provides a more affordable solution for small to medium-sized businesses, individuals working from home and other busy executives looking for a way to save time and become more productive.

When comparing EAHelp to Conversational, it’s all about what matters most to you. Conversational appears to be the better choice when it comes to price.  The choice is ultimately up to you, but why pay twice the price for a similar service?

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