Fancy Hands vs Conversational – Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant

How does Fancy Hands Rank?  Fancy Hands received 2.4 out of 5 stars (this statistic was last updated 6/29/2017).

The right virtual assistants make a huge difference for busy entrepreneurs, freelancers and executives. Both Conversational and Fancy Hands offers trained, virtual assistants ready to help you with any task you submit. While their services are very similar, they also have some significant differences.

Before you just choose any old virtual assistant service, you must do your research. Some companies charge very high rates, while providing the same service and quality as a more affordable company. Other companies charge such low rates it may raise many other red flags.

Comparing top companies, such as Fancy Hands and Conversational, side-by-side will help you to see which one is right for you. Here are some of the things these two companies have in common and some of the major differences.

What’s Similar About Conversational and Fancy Hands?

Both Fancy Hands and Conversational provides virtual assistants ready to handle a wide range of tasks. From finding the right place for lunch and booking a reservation to research for an upcoming presentation, both companies can handle many different tasks.

Conversational offers virtual assistants from both the United States and Canada, while Fancy Hands also offers US-based virtual assistants. This means both companies will only assign you VAs with a strong grasp on the English language.

If you need a task completed quickly, both companies will accommodate your needs. There are other various similarities between Fancy Hands and Conversational, as well.

Differences Between Conversational and Fancy Hands

Even though these two companies have things in common, they are very different. The differences start with the pricing model. Conversational offers a simple set of monthly plans with assigned weekly hours, while Fancy Hands bills based on requests.

The Fancy Hands pricing model provides three monthly choices. The prices range from $29.99 per month to $149.99 per month. Each plan provides a certain number of requests and it’s important to understand what a request is with Fancy Hands.

A request is basically any task taking 20 minutes of work. You can make standard or live requests with Fancy Hands. Requests can be something as simple as calling the post office to track a package or emailing a friend or co-worker for you. However, it has to be 20 minutes of work or it’s not considered a request.

Even though Fancy Hands shows a price per request below each package, it’s not completely accurate. If you request something that will take longer than 20 minutes to complete, you will use up more than one of your allotted requests. Basically, you are paying for between 1:40 per month to 16:40 minutes per month of work.

Conversational provides an easier to understand pricing model. Simply choose between three monthly packages ranging in price from $300 to $1,000 per month. The plans offer 10 to 40 hours of work each month and provide everything you will need for your business.

Along with the pricing difference, they target a different market than Conversational. Even the largest Fancy Hands package only gives you a little over 16 hour worth of work each month. Many business owners and executives will use that time up in less than a week.

Conversational targets the small to medium-sized business market, along with freelance and home-based workers. These entrepreneurs and business leaders need somebody to handle more than just simple requests. They often need more time each week than just a few hours, as well.

Why Conversational is Better for Businesses than Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands doesn’t offer a large enough package or assistants willing to take on larger tasks. Even though their hourly rate may end up being a little lower, they are not set up to handle business tasks like Conversational. Instead, they are better suited to somebody just needing a little general help.

Conversational is the better choice for businesses due to the affordable rate and the ability to handle larger, more frequent tasks. With allotted hours every week, you don’t have to worry about running out. If you run through your hours before the end of the week, you only have to wait until Monday to start using more hours. With Fancy Hands, you will either have to purchase additional requests or wait until the end of the month.

Overall, Conversational offers better quality service for entrepreneurs and business executives. They provide what businesses need, while Fancy Hands doesn’t. If you need more than just a few hours of help every week, Conversational is the clear choice between the two companies.

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