Gabbyville vs Conversational: A Live Receptionist Service Fitting Your Needs

A live receptionist service provides just what you need when you are swamped with incoming calls. You don’t have time to answer the phone all day and a full-time, in-house receptionist is expensive. If this is the case, choosing Gabbyville or Conversational as your live receptionist option makes sense.

However, when you start looking into Gabbyville vs Conversational, you may notice they are not the same. While they provide a similar service, they are very different. One provides a higher quality service for a more affordable price, while the other simply doesn’t measure up. Here’s our side-by-side comparison of Conversational and Gabbyville.

Gabbyville vs Conversational

gabbyville Ruby vs Conversational Conversational Receptionists Logo
50 minutes Receptionist Time 100 minutes
$99 Monthly Cost $129
$2.00/min Price Per Minute $1.29/min
Quantity Unknown Voicemail Boxes 10
14 days Risk Free Money Back Guarantee 30 day free trial
$99 Setup Fee FREE
3 years Call Center Experience 16 years
0 wins, 0 tie TOTALS 7 wins, 0 tie winner


Quality of Receptionist

Conversational offers virtual receptionists from Canada and the United States. They are fully North American-based, which means your live receptionist will speak English as their first language.

Gabbyville is also fully North American-based with all receptionists working out of Knoxville, Tennessee. This also means you will get an English speaking receptionist from Gabbyville.

While it takes more than just speaking English well to be a high quality virtual receptionist, it’s important to use a live receptionist service based in North America. Overseas services often provide strong language barriers and make you sound like you are outsourcing your customer service to another country. Neither Gabbyville nor Conversational will make your company sound foreign.

Conversational puts their virtual receptionist through professional training to ensure you get the best quality phone customer service possible. If you want to ensure your customers are well taken care of and your business makes a great impression, professionally trained virtual receptionists are a must.

Hours of Operation

One of the main benefits of using virtual receptionists is the ability to extend your business hours, at least your phone hours. With both Gabbyville and Conversational, you can extend your phone hours past the typical 9am to 5pm hours.

Gabbyville provides virtual receptionists from 9am EST to 8pm EST. You get a full 11 hours of coverage, Monday through Friday. After hours calls are forwarded to a customized IVR, as well.

Conversational provides virtual receptionists from 8am EST to 8pm EST, which gives you a full 12 hours of coverage every single weekday. They also provide services on holidays.


The pricing at Gabbyville vs Conversational is similar, but certainly not the same. They both provide multiple monthly packages without any long-term contracts.

Gabbyville provides four packages ranging from $99 per month to $699 per month. With the lowest priced package you get 50 minutes, while the largest package provides 600 minutes. Each minute cost between $1.98/minute and $1.17/minute.

Conversational offers three monthly packages ranging from $129 to $579 per month. The lowest price package provides 100 minutes, while the largest package provides 500 minutes.

Along with a lower price, Conversational provides a full 30-day trial, while Gabbyville only provides a 7-day trial. This means you get a full month to try out the service instead of just one week, which isn’t enough time to really evaluate a virtual receptionist company.

Why is Conversational the Better Choice?

Your decision between Gabbyville vs Conversational should not be fully based on price. Even though Conversational provides a lower price, they also provide a higher quality of service. Instead of giving you extras you may not need and charging you for them, Conversational lets you add to your package, if necessary.

With Conversational, you also get the ability to figure out how many minutes you will need each month with the 30-day trial. They are also very flexible about handling any overages. You will know how many minutes you need after the trial period and Conversational will always help you get the best price when you need more time.

Not only do you get a lower per minute price with Conversational, but you also get two more hours of full coverage every day. Conversational also has you covered on holidays, which Gabbyville doesn’t offer. This may be a huge benefit to you, depending on the type of company you run.

When comparing Gabbyville and Conversational, it’s important to look at all the information. Conversational provides a high quality live receptionist service at a lower rate and you get more coverage. The choice is clear, if you want the best virtual receptionists handling your calls, choose Conversational. Start a free 30 day trial by clicking the button below!

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