GetFriday vs Conversational: Value From the Right Virtual Assistant Service

GetFriday and Conversational are both companies offering virtual assistant services. They both handle just about any tasks you need done that can be done without a physical presence. From research to booking your travel, they can take care of all your needs.

Even though both of these companies are very similar in the type of service they offer, there are some big differences. When comparing Conversational and GetFriday, it’s important to know what you are looking at. Here’s our full comparison with a clear winner named.

Services and Quality of Virtual Assistants

While both GetFriday and Conversational offer assistants capable of performing tasks, such as travel planning, data entry, outbound calling, scheduling and more, they don’t offer the same quality. Sometimes, the services of two companies are very similar, while the quality is very different.

With GetFriday, you are not guaranteed a North American assistant. This could lead to communication issues, which may cost you more time and money. Any virtual assistant company offering hourly rates as low as $7 per hour should become suspect on your radar. These companies often outsource all virtual assistant tasks to non-English speaking countries. This means, you are paying for an assistant with English as their second language.

Conversational only uses virtual assistants found in the United States and Canada. This allows for better services without the hassle of dealing with language barriers. Often, this means you will get more work out of every hour because your virtual assistant won’t need as much time to figure out your instructions.

When it comes to the services offered, GetFriday and Conversational are about the same. However, when it comes to the quality offered, Conversational is the better choice.


The cost of the service makes a big difference, as well. GetFriday offers a lower hourly rate than Conversational, but it’s important to remember, you get what you pay for.

With GetFriday, you can choose from eight different packages ranging from $65 per month to $1,120 per month. The hourly rate ranges from $7 per hour to $13 per hour for these packages. They also offer a “pay as you go” package for $10 per month with an hourly rate of $15 per hour.

Conversational offers three packages ranging from $300 per month to $1,000 per month. The smallest package includes 10 hours of virtual assistant work per month, while the largest package includes 40 hours per month. The hourly rate with Conversational ranges from about $16 per hour to $19 per hour.

Even though GetFriday has the lower hourly rate, they don’t provide the same value as Conversational. When a virtual assistant cost you less than $15 per hour, it usually means the quality isn’t as good. It’s hard to find a high quality virtual receptionist service for $15 or less per hour and GetFriday falls into the lower quality range.

GetFriday may be cheaper, but Conversational provides more value. This makes Conversational the winner when it comes to price.

Experience and Training

GetFriday provides about 10 years of experience, while Conversational is a newer company. However, the experience of a virtual assistant service cannot be measured by the number of years the business has existed. Instead, it’s important to look at the experience and training of the actual virtual assistants.

Since GetFriday uses many overseas assistants, they tend to experience a higher rate of turnover. This means, they end up with many assistants without much experience or training

At Conversational, you won’t find inexperienced assistants. They are all professionally trained and bring plenty of customer service and assistant experience to the table. While Conversational may be the newer company, they hire more experienced virtual assistants to help you with your business tasks.

If you just need somebody to book travel and make a few calls for you, GetFriday may be the right choice. However, if you run a business and you need somebody to act as a real assistant to you, Conversational is the better choice. They provide higher quality service at an affordable price, which is the perfect combination for any busy business leader.

With Conversational on your side, you will gain more time and productivity. You won’t have to worry about language barriers or low quality work. Instead, you get the best and most professional VAs ready to help with any task you assign.

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