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conversational-lead-generatLive Chat Lead Generation from Conversational allows businesses to receive and respond to chat requests directly on their website. This is done through an icon placed on the website.

When a visitor arrives, they are prompted with an invitation to chat after just a few seconds. If they accept, an agent from Conversational will join the chat and start interacting with them.

Generating new leads is the only way to keep your business going. You can’t always count on website visitors finding and filling out your contact form or any type of lead generation form.

However, if they are prompted to chat, they may ask questions and pursue a conversation, which may lead to a sale or even a lifetime customer.

The Benefits of Live Chat Lead Generation

When you add Conversational live chat to your website, you gain many powerful benefits including:

  • Better Customer Engagement – Your website visitors won’t feel like they are alone when they arrive at your website. Maybe they are struggling to find what they are after or just have a few questions. When our live chat prompts them, they will be able to ask one of our representatives any question they may need answered. This provides a better way to engage with the customer and convert them into a sale.
  • Immediate Assistance – We don’t provide a live chat where your visitors wait for a response. As soon as they enter the chat, one of our representatives enters, as well. Your visitors receive immediate assistance, which means, you will be providing far better customer service than your competition.
  • Provide an Additional Customer Service Channel – Many customers and potential customers don’t want pick up the phone and call your company. Instead, they want to search your website and find the answers they are after. With the live chat option, they can ask any question they want without ever picking up the phone.
  • Ability to Address Customer’s Needs – In some cases, your website visitors may be comparing you to your competition. If this is the case, our team of professionals offers the ability to gather information about what the customer needs and provide it. This is a crucial step in closing the sale when the potential customer is still in the vendor selection phase.
  • Provide an Increase in Leads – Getting more for every dollar you spend on advertising is important. When you add the live chat lead generation feature to your website, you have the ability to increase the number of leads you gather by one-third or more.

There are several benefits to adding live chat to your website for lead generation. Since everything will be handled by our representatives, you can easily start generating more leads and gaining a larger ROI on every dollar you spend on online advertising.

We provide professionally trained representatives ready to close more sales for you. Our representatives give you the experience your customers need. When your visitors enter the chat, our representatives offer a helping hand.

How Conversational Live Chat Works

Once you choose the right package for your specific needs, we will install a Conversational Live Chat icon on your website. This icon will give your visitors the ability to easily enter the live chat and speak with one of our representatives.

As soon as a chat has been initiated, one of our representatives will enter the chat. They will use a script specifically for your business to help gather information, such as the name, phone number and the reason for the chat. Our representatives will also be able to answer general questions and handle some customer service issues.

After the chat session has ended, you will receive an immediate email with the information from the chat and the new lead. We also have the ability o connect the customer directly to your business by phone, if they prefer.

Your site will be monitored 24/7 to ensure you get the most out of every minute of the live chat lead generation service. You will even receive a monthly lead report to go along with an email for every new lead.

Why You Need Live Chat on Your Website

Adding a live chat lead generation feature will make a huge difference on your website. There are several reasons why companies are seeing an increase of up to 33% when they add this powerful feature. Here are a few reasons why you need live chat for lead generation on your website.

The Less Threatening Option

Many customers don’t want to fill out a form. They feel like its threatening and an invasion of their privacy, especially if they don’t know you or your business. When you add a live chat feature, they no longer have to fill out a scary form.


Have you heard of the phenomena called telephonophobia? This is simply the fear of talking on the phone and it’s a real thing. In today’s world, people don’t have to speak on the phone. They can text, email and research companies online. Many people don’t even like calling to order a pizza anymore.

By adding the live chat option to your website, you eliminate the need for customers to call you. Those preferring to call still can, but those with telephonophobia can simply chat online instead.

Instant Gratification

We live in the world of instant gratification. The internet has made it possible to get answers very fast. Both younger and older generations want everything immediately. They don’t want to wait.

When you want to give your website visitors a fast answer, you need live chat. They can simply click the icon, ask their question and receive an answer very fast.

Qualifies the Lead

When you collect leads via a contact form, you may add in a few questions to qualify the lead. However, the longer the form, the less likely somebody will actually fill it out.

Adding live chat for lead generation allows you to gain qualified leads. You will gain access to the entire chat conversation, which means you will be able to see exactly what the visitors’ needs and wants. This makes it easy to qualify the lead quickly.

Higher Conversions

The most important reason to add live chat to your website is the ability it provides to increase your conversions. How much more money would your business make if you experienced a 5% increase in conversions?

According to a statistical analysis done by BoldChat in 2012, those entering a live chat are 7.5 times more likely to buy. This same report showed that chatters, on average, buy 24% of the time and spend up to 55% more per purchase.

When you add live chat for lead generation to your website, you are adding a proactive form of chat. Those engaging via proactive chat are actually 8 times more likely to convert into a sale compared to a visitor not entering into a proactive chat session.

If you want to make more money, convert more leads and build a more successful online business, you need Conversational live chat lead generation. Click here to get started.

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