LiveAnswer vs Conversational: Comparing Answering Services

liveanswer vs conversational

Have you heard of LiveAnswer? Like Conversational, it’s an answering service for small and medium businesses. Industry aside, the two services are actually quite different. LiveAnswer is also an IVR service, meaning if you select this option, your callers will hear an automated voice with programmed menu options (“Press 1 for customer service”) instead of a live agent when they call your business.

Conversational never puts your business in the hands of an IVR system. Instead, Conversational employs answering specialists full-time from their office and ensures every client call is answered by a live, friendly agent. Read more about the differences between LiveAnswer vs Conversational below.

Comparing LiveAnswer vs Conversational

LiveAnswer offers 4 answering service plans while Conversational offers 3 answering service plans. For the purpose of clarity and brevity, we’ve selected the plan most similar to Conversational’s Starter plan for a thorough comparison.

Plan basics

LiveAnswer Plus Plan – includes 125 live agent minutes, 200 IVR minutes, 2 phone numbers, and 3 voicemail boxes, messages, and a 7 day free trial

Conversational Starter Plan – includes 100 live agent minutes, free local phone number, voicemail box, appointment booking and reminders, messages, unlimited talk time after transfer, and a full 30 day free trial

Winner: Conversational Starter Plan With additional free features like appointment booking and reminders, unlimited talk time after transfer, and a full 30 day free trial to test drive the service, Conversational’s Starter Plan is the winner in plan basics.

Cost comparison

LiveAnswer Plus Plan – costs $149/month. It is unclear if this company charges a one-time setup fee (usually around $125); this information could not be located on their website and a live chat prompt asking the question was disconnected after no reply was received within an hour.

If you need more minutes, LiveAnswer charges $1.25/minute with this plan. If you’re using IVR, those minutes cost $0.10/minute. Includes a 7 day free trial.

Conversational Starter Plan – costs $129/month. No setup fee or other one-time charges. Includes a free 30 day trial, so your first month is always free. If you need additional minutes, Conversational charges $1.29 per minute on the Starter Plan. If you accidentally go over your allotted minutes for the month, you’ll be given the option to upgrade your plan rather than paying the standard $1.50/minute overage charge.

Winner: Conversational Starter PlanĀ With a lower monthly cost, no setup fees or one-time charges, and a full 30 day free trial, Conversational offers the best value.

Major differences

Free trial period. The first major difference between LiveAnswer vs Conversational is the length of free trial each company offers. LiveAnswer offers a 7 day free trial of their service, while Conversational offers a full 30 day free trial of their service. One week may not be enough time to determine if a service is the right fit for your business. That’s why a month long free trial is the safer bet.

Answering options. Conversational only offers call answering by live, professional agents. LiveAnswer offers that service too, but includes more IVR minutes in their plans than live agent minutes. An IVR call flow system like LiveAnswer offers may seem efficient, but statistics show that callers generally prefer to speak to a live agent. In fact, many callers hang up when faced with recorded menu options on the phone. Conversational will allow you to set up your call preferences so your calls will be handled the same way you’d do it yourself, not by an automated voice or a list of recorded menu options.

Total cost. LiveAnswer’s Plus plan will run you $149 per month, every month you use it. Conversational’s Starter Plan will cost you exactly $0.00 the first month with your free trial and $129 per month after your free trial ends. The total cost of LiveAnswer vs Conversational Receptionists’ Starter Plan over a 3 month period is shocking:

How much will you save? LiveAnswer vs Conversational

If you use LiveAnswer’s Plus Plan for 3 months, you’ll accrue a total cost of $447 (assuming there’s no setup fee). Compare that to using Conversational for 3 months, which comes to a grand total of just $258 (including your 30 day free trial).

$149 x 3 = $447 LiveAnswer total 3 month cost | $129 x 3 = $387 – $129 free trial = $258 Conversational total cost

That’s a savings of nearly $200 ($189 saved) in just 3 months of choosing Conversational over LiveAnswer!

With incredible savings over LiveAnswer and a list of features included free with every plan, Conversational is the best option to select when you’re searching for a trustworthy answering service that won’t leave your callers to an automated menu or cost you more than it should. Go ahead and sign up for your free 30 day trial with Conversational now by clicking on the button below!

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*This information is current as of 7/31/17 as verified by the author. All plan and company information has been sourced directly from in an attempt to relay accurate, truthful information. Every effort will be made to keep this pricing information current.

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