LogMeIn vs GoToMyPC – Top Remote Access Software Options

logmein vs gotomypcChoosing the right software for remote access isn’t easy. Comparing LogMeIn vs GoToMyPC is wise as these are considered the top choices in this arena. However, one may be better than the other for certain purposes. Let’s take a look at how LogMeIn vs GoToMyPC compare as they battle it out.

Features and Usability

The features and usability of LogMeIn vs GoToMyPC are important to compare. One may provide better features or usability than the other for your specific needs.

LogMeIn provides the ability to transfer and share files with local printing from remote locations. You can also gain access to the desktop and use remote to local audio features. It comes with a diagnostic toolkit, advanced reporting and background login. This remote access software is very complete and provides everything you need to access and fix computers remotely.

GoToMyPC provides an easy installation with plenty of security and encryption. Mobile access and remote printing are both available, along with file transfer, guest invite and keyboard locking. You will also gain access to free 24/7 technical support and screen blanking features.

Both LogMeIn and GoToMyPC offer the ability to work with multiple monitors and easy connection from mobile devices. These two are virtually a dead heat when it comes to features and usability.


Support is pretty important with any integral software you plan to use for your business. Both provide support options, but they are not on the same level.

LogMeIn provides a knowledge base and a community forum for self-service support. If you need to contact them for support, they do offer a toll free phone number available from 7:30pm on Sunday to 8:30pm on Friday (Eastern Standard Time). This means if you need support on Saturday or most of Sunday, it’s not available.

GoToMyPC offers numerous support options including a FAQ section, downloadable guides and how-to videos for self-service support. You can also get an answer to any question from a community of experts from 8am to 5pm (Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday on their website.

A ticket system is also provided by GoToMyPC with answers within 24 hours during regular business days. The one things that really sets GoToMyPC support apart is the 24/7 phone support offer. No matter when you need support, you can get it.

GoToMyPC wins when it comes to support because of the variety of options and 24/7 abilities compared to LogMeIn.

Pricing Comparison for LogMeIn vs. GoToMyPC

The pricing structure of LogMeIn compared to GoToMyPC may look very different, at first glance. LogMeIn looks rather expensive because their pricing model is on a per year basis. GoToMyPC uses a monthly pricing structure, so it looks very cheap, when you first compare them.

LogMeIn has three pricing levels for their Pro product. They also have other products, such as Central and Rescue, but for this comparison, we will only look at the Pro product.

1. The plan for individuals provides access to 2 computers for $249.99 per year. That breaks down to a monthly price of about $20.83, but they do bill on an annual basis. This package includes remote access, unlimited users, remote printing, 1TB of file storage, LastPass Premium (1 license) and multi-monitor display abilities.

2. The Power Users package provides access for up to 5 computers and costs $599.99 per year. The cost breaks down to $49.99 per month, but it’s billed annually. All the features of the individuals package are included, but you get 3 LastPass Premium license instead of one.

3. The Small Businesses plan allows for access to up to 10 computers for the cost of $1,099.99 per year. The cost breaks down to about $91.66 per month, but is billed on an annual basis. All the same features are a part of this package, but you get 5 LastPass Premium licenses instead of just one or three.

GoToMyPC also offers three levels of pricing starting with the Personal plan. All plans will come with unlimited remote access, end-to-end encryption, remote printing, mobile apps, file transferring and free 24/7 support.

1. The Personal plan allows for one user with one or more commuters to access for $12 per month per computer. Depending on how many computer you need, this price will go up at $12 each time you add access to a new computer.

2. The Pro plan provides access for small teams with two computers included at $23 per month. You can have from 2 to 50 users on this plan and it includes additional features, such as Administration of Users and Accounts, Monitor Usage, Comprehensive Reporting, Central Billing and the ability to Easily Switch Users.

3. The Corporate plan is meant for larger teams needing more admin control. It’s quoted on a per company basis and provides access for 10 or more users. Additional features for this package include a Dedicated Account Manager, More than 1 Administrator, Wake Up LAN and the ability to Manage Groups, Security and Features.

The battle of pricing is a hard one because LogMeIn is a bit more straight-forward about what you get. The cost with GoToMyPC will vary depending on the number of users and computers. Overall, LogMeIn wins this round because of the upfront pricing with three very easy to calculate options.

The Verdict

Choosing a winner between LogMeIn vs GoToMyPC isn’t easy. They both provide leading remote access software and both make good choice. However, the nod has to go to GoToMyPC because of the support options. Even though you may rarely need support, when you do, it’s usually like a ticking clock. The faster you can get the issues fixed, the sooner you can get back to regular operations and GoToMyPC offers 24/7 support with fast responses from the community during regular business hours, as well.

While LogMeIn provides a very good choice, they are just not quite as good when it comes to support. However, the pricing is a bit more straight-forward. Either will make a good choice, but the overall winner of this battle between remote access software is GoToMyPC.

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