LogMeIn vs LastPass – No Longer a Comparison

logmein vs lastpassSince LogMeIn acquired LastPass, it’s no longer really fair to compare the two. LastPass and LogMeIn used to have a few differences making one a better choices for some and the other a better choices for others. However, the acquisition has changed the way these two work.

Even though LogMeIn bought LastPass, they are not just one tool now. Instead, they are still separate and LastPass even has continued the “freemium” service. The use of LogMeIn for LastPass has increased the password management capabilities actually making it a better choice. Here’s a look at how LogMeIn vs LastPass differ.

Uproar Over the Acquisition

When LastPass allowed LogMeIn to buy them, many customers were not happy. They liked the program the way it was and trusted the company. Many customers posted their reviews and comments to the situation stating they don’t trust LogMeIn or what they stand for.

Some customers expected LastPass to disappear, but it hasn’t. It’s still available and the company believes the acquisition only helps them grow faster with more updates and better features. The LastPass team stayed in place after the acquisition, too, which helped to ease some customer concerns.

How LastPass Works

LastPass is installed as an extension within your browser. It will help with saving and providing access to your passwords. It will work with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers.

You will be asked to create a strong password, which needs to be long and very secure. This will become your master password allowing LastPass to handle the rest.

At any time, you can explore your LastPass vault to see the items you have saved. This eliminates the need to remember all your passwords as they are all saved by LastPass when you login. You can even import sites from your email.

LastPass provides strong encryption with local-only encryption and AES-256 bit encryption. Two-factor authentication is necessary to log in and adds another level of security to the system. You can start for free or upgrade to the premium version for additional benefits.

How LogMeIn Works

LogMeIn allows you to access computers from any device. It’s not an extension for saving passwords, but a way to remotely log in. You can store, share and collaborate on files easily and even print remotely to local printers.

LogMeIn makes it possible to keep workers empowered no matter where they are. It’s known as one of the top remote assistance programs available. Technicians can use it to connect to devices quickly and solve problems faster.

Security uses TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256 bit encryption. There are multiple versions specifically designed for different levels of business.

Why LogMeIn vs LastPass cannot be compared

It would be unfair to use the typical format for LogMeIn vs LastPass and put them head-to-head. They are very different as one saves passwords and makes remembering them a thing of the past and the other provides remote access to computers from anywhere in the world.

The two are working together to deliver better access management and security. Even with customer’s original hesitation, LastPass still remains as a very secure choice for password remembering needs. Both provide top options for different tasks and many businesses have a need for both LastPass and LogMeIn.

While there’s usually a winner in these battle articles, there isn’t one here. You can use both LastPass and LogMeIn if you have needs for both. However, if you just have a need for one, they don’t offer the same things, so you will simply choose the one fitting best with your specific needs. If you need remote access capabilities, LogMeIn makes sense. However, if you just want an easier way to keep all your passwords, LastPass makes the most sense.

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