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Hiring virtual receptionists for your marketing firm just makes sense. When you experience an increase in call volumes, you have the choice between hiring and training more employees or missing phone calls. A remote marketing receptionist can ensure your firm captures every phone lead that comes through and that you’ll never miss another important call.

Marketing companies need extra help

marketing receptionistHiring virtual receptionists for your marketing firm just makes sense. When you experience an increase in call volumes, you have the choice between hiring and training more employees or missing phone calls.

Hiring new employees, training them and getting them on the phones with potential leads can be very expensive. In addition, you may have to make cutbacks once your call volume returns to normal. This can cause quite a bit of turnover and training isn’t cheap.

Missing calls isn’t an option. Every missed call is money out of your pocket. If your call volume increases and you start missing calls, it’s like watching money fly out the window.

That’s where we come in.

The answer is a virtual marketing receptionist

There’s a simple solution for marketing companies that need extra help with administrative tasks – hire a virtual marketing receptionist. Conversational’s trained and vetted receptionist staff can step in to pick up the slack when your call volume increases. You won’t need to worry about extensive and expensive training and you won’t have to cut back employees once your call volume returns to normal.

Whether you’re expanding and just need our help for a few weeks or you plan to use our virtual receptionists for years, we’re here to help you grow. Sometimes, you just need to fill in some time while getting new employees trained. Don’t miss another call. Use Conversational Receptionists to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Growing to the next level

Part of how a marketing firm grows includes cutting costs and expanding product promotions. This balance can be difficult to find and cutting employees can take its toll.

You don’t have to hire temporary help any longer or staff a call center with people only working half the time they are actually on the clock.

When you hire a marketing receptionist through Conversational, you will get the professional staff you need. Use our team to fill in for employee breaks, overflow calling or to handle all of your calls during business hours. With Conversational’s variety of virtual receptionist plans, you set the times and control how much you spend on your virtual receptionist each month.

Virtual receptionists make marketing more efficient

marketing receptionistOften, marketing firms feel like they are on a roller coaster. Some months business is booming and they need extra help to handle the call volumes, while other months business isn’t quite as good.

This is common with marketing firms and causes quite a bit of money spent on hiring and training.

Instead of wasting money hiring employees you will have to let go once business slows down, you can use virtual receptionists to handle the roller coaster ride. When business is booming, upgrade your plan and add more receptionists to your team. free trial virtual receptionistWhen things slow down, you can downgrade to a lower monthly plan and only use your marketing receptionist on an “as needed” basis.

With the type of control you gain from using Conversational Receptionists, you can grow at your own pace. No more hiring, training and firing every time business is booming.

If you’re ready to start building your marketing firm, click below to start a free 30 day virtual receptionist trial today!

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