Medical Answering Services

Growing medical offices need the help of medical answering services to answer phones, make appointments, provide reminders for appointments, and enable staff to concentrate on prioritized tasks.

Conversational is the leading provider of answering services for medical offices and trusted virtual support.

Physician Answering Service – Why hire virtual instead of full-time?

waiting-room-548136_640Hiring full time medical receptionists is expensive. Having nurses and other employees answer phones can lead to missed calls and missed appointments.

Because hiring full-time receptionists requires a large investment, medical offices routinely look for medical answering servicesappointment-setting services, and live chat support providers that enable them to provide enterprise-level customer service to their patients and clients.

That’s where we come in! Your growing medical practice should provide customer service that goes above and beyond patient expectations.

Our specialized medical answering services are a common solution for practices that want to increase patient satisfaction and office efficiency in a truly cost-effective manner.

Med answering services offer plenty of benefits

Our answering service plans offer a host of important benefits for medical offices. As part of our medical answering services package, we provide incoming customer service in addition to friendly appointment reminder calls. Our data shows that appointment reminder calls are effective at reducing no shows–our clients say the practice reduces no shows by as much as 75%.

medical answering servicesOther benefits include:

Never miss a call

Employees take breaks, sick days, federal holidays, and vacations, but virtual receptionists don’t. You define when you want your virtual receptionist to be available and answering calls for your business, and they will ensure you never miss a call.

Our appointment reminder calls encourage patients to remember to confirm or cancel their upcoming appointments with your medical practice, making sure your appointment schedule is as accurate as possible.

Cost effective

We make it easy to expand your team in a cost effective, efficient way. Our virtual receptionists eliminate the need to hire a full-time or part-time receptionist. By going virtual, you avoid the costs of hourly pay, vacation, employee benefits, certain taxes, and other employee packages.

Because you can define the exact times and days you want your virtual receptionist to answer calls, schedule appointments, and provide customer service to callers during, you can ensure the phones are always covered while side-stepping the much higher cost of hiring a full-time receptionist.

Pay for call time only

You never pay for a virtual receptionist to take breaks, sit and wait, or any other down time. You only pay for the time Conversational virtual receptionists are actually on the phone.

That means you only pay for your virtual receptionist when you need them, not full time. That’s part of the reason virtual receptionists and medical answering services are much more cost effective than hiring–even part-time.

Integrate your scheduling programs

A good virtual receptionist provider understands that your existing scheduling programs have become an important cog in the gears that run your medical practice. Conversational seamlessly integrates with your preferred scheduling programs and doesn’t try to sell you an unfamiliar program you’re not used to.

Better manage your time

You will save time and better manage your in-house employees when you opt for specialized medical answering services. By enabling you to take the time you and your staff need to work on your highest priority tasks, our virtual receptionists help you manage your business and time more efficiently.

Equip your office for growth with medical answering services

Delegating your phone responsibilities to Conversational saves you time and money. Our clients notice the benefits right away! Never miss a call again. Cut your no show rate in half. Skip hiring full time and pay for call time only.

free trial virtual receptionistMake a cost effective decision to grow your medical practice when you engage Conversational’s specialized med answering services!

How could our answering services equip your medical office for growth?

Let Conversational Receptionists help you build your medical practice. If you’re ready to learn more about our medical answering services and virtual receptionists, just click on the blue button below. We’re offering a free 30 day trial for all new clients!

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