Message Service

message serviceWe offer a top-rated message service that will enable you to step away from your office without worry of missing an important call or waiting until you return to get your messages. With our answering and message service, you’ll choose how you’d like to receive your messages, whether that’s:

  • Via email
  • Via secure text message
  • Immediately upon receipt
  • Hold messages until a time you select

A message service for small businesses

Using a message service is one of the smartest decisions you can make in managing your day-to-day operations. Without a receptionist to handle your messages and phone calls, you’re left with the responsibility of handling these duties in addition to managing the higher-priority aspects of your business. That’s a productivity killer.

Instead, for less than the cost of the average internet and cable bill, you can use our message service to ensure you’re not spending time in areas that don’t require your specific input. Delegate your phone calls to our professional, full-time team on any basis you’d like: Part time, full time, or only as backup. It’s up to you!

How to use our message service

PHONE FORWARDING SERVICEOnce you sign up with Conversational, you’ll fill out a questionnaire that gives us information about your business and the types of phone calls you typically receive. You’ll give us instructions on how you’d like your calls to be handled, which calls you’d like us to screen, and those you always want transferred to you.

Phone forwarding service

If there’s a specific greeting you’d like us to use when we answer your calls, we can easily accommodate that! We can even help you amplify your current deals and specials by telling your callers about them. If your callers need to make an appointment with you, we can sync with your scheduling software and handle appointment booking for you.

phone forwarding service

You’ll let us know how you’d like your messages delivered to you when you’re not available to take a call (we can deliver your messages via email or secure text message). We will supply a recording of the voicemail messages you receive within your email or secure text message so you can ensure no information is lost in translation.

Once you’re signed up and your account is actively forwarding calls to our office, here’s how a typical message scenario might go:

  1. You receive a call. It rings on our line. We use your custom greeting when we answer the call.
  2. If the caller wants to speak with you, we place the caller on hold to check with you and see if you’d like to take the call. If you’d like to take the call, we’ll patch the call over to you.
  3. If you cannot take the call at that time, we will return to the caller and ask to take a message for you.
  4. The caller will leave a detailed message for you. We will then send that message to you via email or a secure text message, or hold the message for you until a time you’ve selected.

It’s that simple! Our clients appreciate the level of customization we offer. We want to make our message service work for you and your business, and we’ll always do our best to accommodate your requests!

A special freebie for new signups

If you’re concerned about signing up for a message service and handing your phone calls and messages over, we understand. That’s why we offer a full 30 day free trial to all new clients. We believe you need the opportunity to see our service in action under a variety of conditions and circumstances to get a feel for the service.

We can offer you 30 days absolutely free because we’re confident that our service will become indispensable in running your business after just a few days. Don’t take our word for it – try it yourself for the next 30 days and see if our message service makes it easier to run your business. There’s no obligation to sign up after the trial period ends, so get started today!

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