MoneyPenny vs Conversational: The Right Phone Answering Service

Phone answering services are not all the same. Even though they may all offer similar features and pricing, they are not identical. When looking at two top companies, such as Moneypenny and Conversational, it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

These two companies are both very similar, yet very different. They both offer virtual receptionist services, even though Moneypenny calls it Telephone Answering. Here’s a look at how these companies are different and why one is better than the other.

Services Offered

Moneypenny offers telephone answering and an outsourced switchboard service in the United States. Outside of the US, they offer a few other services. The answering service gives you one receptionist to help you with your incoming calls. Your one person basically acts as your receptionist without the need to be in your actual office.

With Conversational, you gain access to more than one receptionist. If your main virtual receptionist is on a break or absent for the day, your calls are still covered. If the call volume becomes more than your virtual receptionist can handle, another team member will step in and help.

Conversational may not offer an automated answering option, but do you really want a machine answering your important business calls? With Conversational, it’s always a live person answering your calls and giving your clients the best possible service.


Moneypenny doesn’t advertise any pricing. They build a package around what they believe you will need to cover your volume of calls. You have to call and discuss your needs with them to find out what they charge.

Conversational is very straightforward with their pricing. They offer three monthly packages ranging from 100 minutes at $129/month to 500 minutes at $579/month. This makes it very easy to know what you are paying each month and get the right package for your budget.

You can start with the smallest package and upgrade whenever needed. Conversational makes it easy to get what you need out of your phone answering service, at an affordable price.

Coverage and the Free Trial

Conversational provides coverage from 8am EST to 8pm EST every weekday, while Moneypenny provides 24/7 coverage. You may not need coverage every hour of every day, but with Moneypenny, you will pay a premium for this service. However, if you do need full coverage, they provide it.

Both companies offer a trial period, with Moneypenny giving you seven days to try out the service and Conversational giving you a full 30 days.

Within the first week of service, there will likely be some changes that you’d like in your call handling. You may still be getting your feet wet, especially if this is your first experience with a virtual receptionist. With a four week trial, however, you are more likely to get an understanding of everything a company offers, and you can better customize the options that you prefer for your business.

Conversational will also allow you to upgrade at any time to ensure you get the best deal possible. If you go over your monthly minutes, they provide plenty of flexibility to help you get the best price and the minutes you really need.

Overall Best Choice

Both Moneypenny and Conversational provide good choices for your telephone answering service needs. However, they are not both right for everybody.

Moneypenny is based in the United Kingdom with services offered in the United States. They target larger businesses with the majority of their best services. If you run a larger business or you are based in the UK, this may be the right choice for you.

Conversational is based in the United States and Canada. They provide a service targeted specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, along with home-based workers and freelancers. The service provides by Conversational is the perfect choice for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to gain time back in each day.

When you start looking for the right phone answering service, you need to find a company perfect for your specific needs. Conversational is the clear choice for small businesses and many other individuals. Moneypenny may be a good choice for some situations, but for most, Conversational is the right telephone answering service. Start your free 30 day trial by clicking the button below!

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