My Receptionist vs Conversational – A Battle of Virtual Receptionist Companies

When making the decision to hire a virtual receptionist service, it’s necessary to choose the right one. There are many choices available, but not all provide the same service, benefits or prices. Here’s a look at two of the top choices, My Receptionist and Conversational.

myreceptionist Ruby vs Conversational Conversational Receptionists Logo
70 minutes Receptionist Time 100 minutes
$100 Monthly Cost $129
Not Advertised Voicemail Boxes 10
Not Advertised Risk Free Money Back Guarantee 30 day free trial
$80 Setup Fee FREE
0 wins TOTALS 5 wins winner


The Features

The first thing you want to do when choosing a virtual receptionist company is look at the features provided. Both My Receptionist and Conversational provide plenty of features perfect for small businesses.

My Receptionist provides online booking, email appointment reminders, social media integration, email marketing, client management and more. They also provide you with call logs, call forwards and call recording. You will be able to use toll free and local numbers with multiple extensions and faxing.

ConversationalConversational gives their customers plenty of features, as well. You will receive live phone answering, general questions answered, live call transferring, customized call handling, and returned calls, appointment scheduling, order taking, appointment reminders and more. Conversational even delivers your voicemails via email and text message.

Both companies provide similar features, but it seems as though My Receptionist isn’t quite as customizable as the service from Conversational. For that reason, Conversational is the winner when it comes to features.


The cost of your virtual receptionist is very important. Most small businesses use this option to help save money compared to an in-house receptionist.

When you hire a virtual receptionist from My Receptionist, you will have the option to choose from three packages. The Starter package gives you 70 minutes for $100. If you upgrade to the middle package, which is called the Cruising package, you get 150 minutes for $175. The largest package offered by My Receptionist is $250 and gives you 235 minutes of talk time.

At My Receptionist, you will also pay a one-time $80 set up fee and you will have to pay for any overage by the minute. They do offer larger packages, but you have to contact the company for a quote.

Conversational offers three packages as well.

The least expensive package provides 100 minute for $129. You can upgrade your package at any time and get 200 minutes for $239/month or 500 minutes for $579/month. With Conversational, you can also use the 30 day risk free trial to give the service a test run before making any type of commitment.

Since Conversational offers more minutes for a lower price per package and a risk free trial period, they are the winners in the battle of price.

Overall Comparison

My ReceptionistBoth My Receptionist and Conversational provide a top quality virtual receptionist service. They both provide very similar features, but Conversational seems to be less expensive and more customizable.

Overall, if you are making the decision between My Receptionist and Conversational, the best company for your virtual receptionist service is Conversational. They provide top-quality service with plans designed to fit the needs of your growing business. Whether you start with the smallest package or the largest, you will get more minutes for the cost with Conversational compared to My Receptionist.

Start a free 30 day trial with Conversational to see for yourself which service is better! Click below to get started.

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