Norton vs Kaspersky – A Full Comparison

With the need for security rising every single day, it’s important to make the right choice to protect your computers. Norton and Kaspersky are two of the biggest names within in the industry. Both provide good choices with all kinds of new features, reduced prices and many great benefits. This can make it difficult to pick the right one for you.

When looking at Norton vs Kaspersky, it’s easy to see they are both leaders. Here’s a full look at the different features offered, prices and other important details you will need to make a sound decision.


The interface of your security software is very important. Since this isn’t something you will usually access every single day, you need to be able to find the right tools when you need them. If you have a basic understanding of computers, both Norton and Kaspersky will be pretty easy to work with.

However, those not very computer savvy may not find it to be quite as easy. The interface provides the program menus, the different tools and the analysis of the computer. It’s important to know how to use these features and functions easily on your computer.

Norton and Kaspersky are hard to compare when it comes to the user interface. Both have done a great job of making it modern and keeping the user interface easy to navigate. Even someone without much computer knowledge should be able to learn how to use either internet security product without much of a learning curve.

Both user interfaces provide an attractive and functional look. It’s impossible to pick a clear winner here, which is fine because the interface shouldn’t be the final reason you choose one over the other.


Any internet security software needs to perform as expected when you invest to protect your computers. You need to make sure you choose a high performing option or you may wish you had gone with the other company.

Norton offers more features than Kaspersky, but when this comes to performance it puts Kaspersky ahead of Norton. Since Norton has additional features, which many will find useless, it takes up more resources. Norton has been known as a resource hog for years.

Some steps have been taken to make Norton perform better, but it’s still not up to the level of Kaspersky. Norton is still one of the most processor intensive security options on the market.

Kaspersky, on the other hand, is very lightweight and performs much faster than Norton, for most computers. Those with slightly older computers certainly want Kaspersky because it won’t use up nearly as many resources as Norton.

The winner when it comes to performance is Kaspersky. While Norton isn’t horrible on newer computers, it still uses up more resources than necessary.

Protection of Norton vs Kaspersky Compared

Maybe the most important feature of any internet security software is the protection. It doesn’t do much good to choose a product with great performance if it doesn’t protect your computer all that well. Fortunately, both Norton and Kaspersky provides good protection for your computer.

It’s always best to look at studies from independent testing facilities when it comes to security. When you look at these studies for Norton vs Kaspersky, Norton is usually the top choice. It has the ability to detect about 90% or even more of the threats to a computer. It’s one of the highest rated antivirus choices on the market, which helps to make up for the lower performance grade.

Kaspersky isn’t bad by any means, however. It’s able to protect more than 80% of all threats on a computer, which gives it a pretty high rating. It also comes with the benefit of free malware removal tools, which Norton doesn’t have. This comes in handy when installing software that could already be infected.

Norton is the winner when it comes to protection, but Kaspersky isn’t far behind. With the ancillary security tools offered by Kaspersky, it offers a high level of protection, but just not quite as high as Norton.


Another category you want to look at closely is features. When it’s time to choose the right protection for your computers, the features could be the difference maker.

Kaspersky offer a number of key features including Safe Money Technology, Dangerous Website Alerts, Safe Social Networking, Trusted Application Mode and Safeguards for Identity and Privacy. All of these features help to protect you from phishing, malware, viruses and other threats.

Norton is very feature rich with SNOAR Behavioral Protection, Identity protection features, 2-Way Firewall, Insight Network and Parental Controls. The Insight Network is very powerful because feedback from more than 175 million users helps keep Norton at the top of the antivirus world.

Both Norton and Kaspersky are very feature rich and provides plenty of great options. One may fit better than the other when it comes to features and this one is a tie between the two.


While the cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor, you should look at what you get for the dollars spent. Neither Norton nor Kaspersky are expensive and they both provide coupon deals on a regular basis.

Norton provides the Security Deluxe package for $89.99, which is usually discounted to $39.99 when they run the $50 off special. They also offer other products including:

  • Norton Security Premium – $109.99 for one year or $219.99 for two years ($60 off per year deal is pretty common).
  • Norton Security Standard – $69.99 for one year or $139.99 for two years ($30 off per year deal is pretty common).
  • Norton Small Business – $99.99 for 5 devices, $149.99 for 10 devices or 249.99 for 20 devices.
  • Norton AntiVirus Basic – $49.99 ($35 off deal is pretty common)
  • WiFi Privacy – $49.99 for one device, $79.99 for 5 devices or $99.99 for 10 devices (discounts are common).
  • Norton Core – $279.99 with a pre-order deal currently at $199.99

It’s possible to start as low as $15 with the right coupon deals and just basic AntiVirus protection.

Kaspersky offers three levels of protection including basic, premium and ultimate. Both premium and ultimate are often priced at up to 50% off making these options a better deal than the basic protection plan.

Basic protection is priced at $59.99 per year and doesn’t have any discounts available right now. Premium protection comes in at $79.99 per year, but has a $40 discount per year right now making it possible to get 3 years of protection for just $119.97. The Ultimate protection plan comes in at $99.99 regularly, but with current discounts it’s possible to get three years of protection for $149.97.

Along with these three home security options, Kaspersky offer a full suite of options for businesses, which include:

  • Small Office Security – Starts at $112.49 for one year and 5 users
  • Endpoint Security Cloud – Starts at $299.99 for one year and 10 Nodes
  • Endpoint Security Select – Starts at $337.49 for one year and 10 Nodes
  • Endpoint Security Advanced – Starts at $577.49 for one year and 10 Nodes

All options from Kaspersky do come with a 30-day money back guarantee and they do offer free trials for home security software.

Overall, when it comes to price, Norton has a slight advantage when they have discounts running. Both provide similar pricing, but you can start with Norton for a lower price than with Kaspersky.

The Verdict

While both Norton and Kaspersky provide fine choices for your computer security needs, they are not quite the same. If you have a computer that’s a bit older or doesn’t have a ton of resources, Kaspersky is the better choice. However, those with newer computers and plenty of resources should choose Norton for their internet security and anti-virus needs.

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