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philippines call answering serviceLooking for the right Philippines call answering service? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected data and statistics about the reality of Philippines call answering service providers. The truth about these providers? They’re cheap for a reason.

The Philippines recently overtook India and became the international call center hub for those who want offshore answering services. Even though India, the former international call center “capital,” has a population more than ten times the size of the Philippines, the former United States colony has more call center agents working than India.

Although that number is on the sharp decline with more call center jobs returning to the U.S., many call answering companies still outsource their calls to the Philippines.

Clients of call centers that use offshore answering services have a short but important list of complaints about Philippines call answering services. We hear the same things from dozens of clients who switch to Conversational after dissatisfaction with offshore answering services.

Top 3 Complaints About Philippines Call Answering Service

philippines call answering service1. Hard to understand – While the Philippines has more English-speaking citizens than India, it’s not the country’s only official language and with a language barrier like this, it can be difficult to understand the call center agent on the phone

2. Costs are rising – It’s getting more expensive to outsource call answering to the Philippines. It’s hard for companies to get away with bad or even average customer service these days–many clients see their sales numbers take a dive after switching to offshore

3. Not enough training – Call center agents without adequate training are a danger for any company they represent. Not only will offshore agents have more issues communicating with American clients than domestic call center agents, but they could also lose big clients and decrease customer satisfaction due to lack of proper training

It’s clear that a domestic call answering service like Conversational would be a better option for American businesses. In fact, according to industry experts, the trend of outsourcing call answering to offshore call centers is quickly fading.

In the USA Today article “Call Center Jobs Increase as More Return from Overseas,” author Frank Witsil noted:

“…After years of sending call center jobs to India, the Philippines, Mexico and other countries, companies are bringing them back to the U.S. An estimated 5 million Americans are employed in call centers. The trend, industry watchers said, is driven by changes in technology, rising overseas labor costs — and customers demanding better service.” 

More available technology, rising Philippines call answering service costs, and the demand for better customer service are all reasons to look more closely at domestic call answering services.

5 Benefits of Domestic Call Answering Services

What are the benefits of working with a domestic call answering service provider like Conversational?

1. Cost effective – Conversational offers low pricing to compete with the offshore centers. From around $1.25/minute, you can ensure that an American with natural, fluent English mastery will answer your calls and interact with your customers. Why would you ever need to go offshore?

Affordable Virtual Receptionist2. In-depth training – The right training makes a big difference in how someone answers the phone and offers customer service. That’s why we ensure every one of our call answering specialists has been properly trained for the job they do. We don’t toss trainees out with the “sink or swim” mentality.

3. A better fit – Culture-specific preferences, like jokes, punctuality preferences, speech patterns, holiday references, etc. are lost in translation with offshore call center agents, but right on target with our American call answering specialists.

4. Faster, more efficient – Conversational receptionists are trained to answer the phone by the third ring so your customers are never left waiting. Because English is always their first language and they’ve been properly trained in customer service, calls with our receptionists are more efficient than those with offshore agents. Our receptionists can handle more calls more quickly than offshore call centers.

5. Flexible and adaptable – Unlike far-away call centers where it’s tough to get in touch with someone who’s in charge, our receptionists are located right here in North America and are just a phone call away. Conversational receptionists are able to adapt to your company’s needs and preferences, from the custom greeting they offer to your callers to using the appointment scheduling service you prefer.

In summary, Philippines call answering service providers may seem cheap, but they just don’t offer the same benefits as domestic providers like Conversational. Rising overseas labor costs, communication difficulties, lack of flexibility, and inadequate training are all issues clients run into with offshore call answering.

If you’re looking for an adaptable, cost-effective, and efficient call answering service provider, check out our call answering pricing plans here. See for yourself how useful a virtual receptionist can be – try one free for 30 days by clicking the blue button below!

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