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phone forwarding serviceGetting too many calls? No longer able to screen out telemarketers and salespeople? Feel like you’re being held back by day-to-day duties when you should be focusing on the big picture? Our phone forwarding service might be the solution you’re looking for.

We offer an effective, low-cost phone forwarding service for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It sounds complicated, but it’s not – the calls that were coming directly to you will now come to our team first. We’ll screen the calls that would waste your time and handle simple inquiries or anything that doesn’t need your direct response.

If a caller wants to speak directly to you, we’ll perform a warm transfer (See Warm transfers vs blind transfers) to ensure you’re willing to take the call before forwarding. If the caller wants to make, reschedule, or cancel an appointment with you, we can handle that, too! Our phone forwarding service includes appointment booking absolutely free with every plan. You can give it a no-risk try with our free 30 day trial, as well. More on that below.

How does our phone forwarding service work after you sign up? We’ll explain the service in more detail below.

How our phone forwarding service works

PHONE FORWARDING SERVICEAfter signing up for our answering service, you’ll be able to forward your phone calls to our answering team on the basis you choose, whether that’s part-time, full-time, or for backup only. We’ll assign you a free local telephone number if you don’t have an existing business line to use, and you can keep that number even if you cancel your Conversational trial or monthly plan. Whether you’ve been using a cell phone to take business calls or if you’ve already got a business phone number, you’ll be able to use our phone forwarding service.

Phone forwarding serviceOnce forwarding is properly set up – and it doesn’t take long, most of our clients are up and running within a few hours of signup – all the calls that previously came to your cell phone or dedicated business line will now forward to our answering team. We let you decide what happens on the phone with your callers, from the greeting our answering team will issue to which callers will be screened. We’ll even announce promotions and specials to your callers!

phone forwarding serviceWe want to be part of your team, not just a third party provider. The information you give us during signup will help us offer cohesive service to your callers. We’ll put your business information and special call handling instructions into our digital database, where our team of answering specialists can access it immediately each time a call is forwarded from your business to us. That’s how we can offer great customer service that lines up with your brand and business image.

Warm transfers vs blind transfers

Warm transfer – Answering service takes the call, asks for the caller’s identity and purpose of call, and relays this information to you. If you decide to take the call, the answering service will patch you over to the caller. This gives you a chance to decide whether or not you’d like to take the call based on the caller’s identity and purpose. That’s enhanced call screening ability!

Blind transfer – Answering service receives the call and immediately transfers any caller who asks to speak with you. This results in your phone ringing, so you can still choose to ignore the call and let it go to voicemail or to answer it. The issue with a blind transfer is that it does not offer any call screening abilities and still results in lots of unwanted calls getting through to your line.

That’s why we always perform warm transfers unless you’ve noted that you’d prefer something else.

“Enhanced call screening ability is one the main reasons business owners and professionals prefer warm transfers. Warm transfers are more appropriate for professionals than blind transfers because they allow the recipient to be better prepared for caller questions or information requests and allow busy professionals the chance to reject the call and have a live person take a message rather than relying on voicemail.” Why Warm Transfers Are Better Than Blind Transfers

Our phone forwarding service could be the perfect solution for your business. We encourage you to give us a try free for one month by signing up for our 30 day free trial below! Our free trial includes all of our features so you can test drive the service before deciding if it’s right for you. Click the button below to sign up now!

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