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If you’re in the salon industry, you know just how competitive it can be. It doesn’t take much to make a new client defect to another salon, and every stylist has experienced the frustration of losing clients to a “rival” salon. The number one reason clients stop going to a salon is difficulty making or scheduling an appointment with the stylist they prefer. How easy (or challenging) is it for your clients to make an appointment with you?

When a client calls your salon or your cell phone, how long does it typically take you to answer? What about when you’ve got a client in your chair, one under the dryer, and another waiting at the shampoo sink? The busy and dynamic nature of working in a salon makes it tough to handle your own calls while servicing your clients. Some salons hire full-time receptionists to alleviate this problem, but full-time receptionists are expensive.

Typically, when a salon owner signs up for our salon answering service, the reason is that they’re simply burned out on trying to keep up with the constant influx of phone calls or tired of paying an additional full-time salary for a receptionist.
salon receptionist

Virtual salon receptionist

You can utilize a virtual salon receptionist to manage your appointments and phone calls for around $150/month – about 5% of the cost of hiring a salon receptionist.

A virtual salon receptionist will answer your phone calls as though they are in the salon with you and use online scheduling software so you’ll have instant access to all new appointment information as soon as it’s scheduled.

Your customers will thank you! Never over-book, under-book, or miss an appointment again with our lauded appointment management and free appointment reminder service.

Scheduling appointments eats up stylists’ time

Most salons have a mix of staff and stylists taking care of their scheduling on their own, but this task can actually be difficult to juggle and isn’t customer friendly. Scheduling appointments eats up valuable time for stylists, takes the stylist’s attention away from the client currently in the chair, and is better left to a professional virtual salon receptionist.

Using a virtual salon receptionist

When a customer calls, you will not have to stop what you are doing in order to answer the phone or update an existing appointment.  You also won’t have to worry about clicking through a software program in order to find an available time slot, leaving your existing client in the chair feeling “unattended.”

Most importantly, you will not have to worry about losing an appointment or missing calls from clients because a virtual salon receptionist can handle it for you.

A virtual salon receptionist will receive the calls intended for your salon. You’ll give your salon receptionist all the details she needs about your salon – the different stylists, their times of availability, access to their scheduling calendar, and preferred call greeting and handling instructions.

For example, you might want your salon receptionist to mark out an extra 30 minutes for color clients with long hair. Just make a note of it and we’ll add it to our database!

Benefits of a virtual salon receptionist

Time saved

When you use a virtual reception service you are saving yourself time while staying organized. This, in turn, leaves you more time to focus on what you as a stylist know best – offering amazing hair and beauty services.

What is included?

When you choose Conversational medical answering services, the following features are included at no cost in your free trial and monthly plan:

  • Custom call handling & forwarding
  • Call screening
  • Appointment booking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Voicemail box
  • Local telephone number (optional)
  • Customer service for your callers
  • Message taking
  • Message delivery to text or email
  • Monthly minute usage report
  • First month free

When you choose Conversational salon receptionist services, your first month is absolutely free. Your total monthly plan cost after that will be just $159 (on our Small Biz plan). You get 30 days to try out the service, make all the adjustments you need, and see how many minutes you’ll be likely to use in the upcoming months. We include 1,000 minutes free your first month to help you make an accurate estimate.

Choose Conversational salon receptionist answering services

Our answering service plans offer a host of important benefits for medical offices. As part of our salon receptionist services package, we provide incoming customer service in addition to friendly appointment reminder calls. Our data shows that appointment reminder calls are effective at reducing no shows–our clients say the practice reduces no shows by as much as 75%.

Reduced stress

Everyone else will be scrambling to try to cut hair while answering the phone and making appointments.  All you will have to worry about is cutting hair and building that long lasting client relationship.

Increase phone availability

Another benefit to outsourcing to a virtual salon receptionist is that no one can possibly work every waking hour.  You are only able to cut and style hair for so many hours a day. The problem is that customers may want to call or schedule appointments at any time during the day or on a whim.

Take more time off

If you happen to take the afternoon off, it’s no longer an issue. You won’t miss calls and your salon receptionist can still schedule new appointments for you while you’re out!

Catch every call

With a virtual salon receptionist, you will never have to worry about missed opportunities. When a customer calls, the virtual receptionist will automatically answer the phone for you using your selected personalized greeting. They will take down all of the person’s information and if they wish to schedule an appointment, your virtual receptionist can certainly do that for you.

When you get back to the salon, you can then retrieve your messages and then return any calls if necessary knowing there were no missed opportunities.  Think smart and stay ahead of the competition.
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