SAS Answering Service vs Conversational Receptionists

sas answering service Comparing a few different choices before making the decision for your new answering service is just smart shopping. A quick look at two well-known answering service providers, SAS Answering Service vs Conversational Receptionists, will show you which service is the best choice for your business, practice, or firm. We’ve used SAS Answering Service’s website to create this comparison.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of SAS Answering Service vs Conversational that will help you make the best decision as you look for the right answering service for your business. Please note: SAS Answering Service is sometimes shortened to SAS in this comparison for brevity. 

SAS Answering Service vs Conversational

Feature comparison

SAS Answering Service provides many features, including:

  • Call answering and recording
  • Text and email message delivery
  • Toll free or local numbers
  • Access to client portal

These are pretty basic features, but you get them with any package from SAS Answering Service.

Conversational provides featured-packed plans for your answering service, as well. They offer:

  • Free voicemail storage
  • Free access to members area
  • Live call answering
  • Live call transferring
  • Free local phone number (optional)
  • Custom call handling
  • Temporary call instructions
  • Appointment booking
  • Outbound appointment reminders
  • General customer inquiries
  • Messages delivered via email or text

Just about every feature you could possibly want or need is offered by Conversational. After comparing the features of SAS Answering Service and Conversational, it’s pretty clear that Conversational offers more features.

Cost comparison

When comparing the cost of both services, it’s easy to see which one wins in this category. SAS Answering Service offers 4 basic packages. Here are their plan options as listed on their website:

  • Economy (no minutes included) – $1.19/minute
  • 100 Minutes – $117/month
  • 220 Minutes – $199/month
  • 500 Minutes – $490/month

SAS offers a limited 14-day trial or up to 200 minutes -whichever is reached first – to new signups. If you go over the 200 included minutes before the 14 days are up, your trial will end and the team will contact you to try to sign you up for a paid plan. From their website: “We will contact you when your trial expires where you can select a plan and pay by credit card to continue using SAS.”

The situation is much different when you’re working with Conversational. There are 3 basic virtual receptionist plans available to choose from:

  • Starter Plan – 100 minutes + all features $129/month after free trial ends
  • Professional Plan – 200 minutes + all features $239/month after free trial ends
  • Enterprise Plan – 500 minutes + all features $579/month after free trial ends

You’ll really notice a difference in the length of free trial each company offers. While SAS offers a limited 14-day, up to 200 minute trial for new signups, Conversational offers a full 30 day risk free trial to let you test drive the service. The Conversational trial includes 1,000 minutes – that’s 400% more minutes than SAS offers, absolutely free!

Special considerations

Both SAS Answering Service and Conversational allow customers to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade their plan at any time. This makes it easy to use either service without the worry of paying more for call answering when you don’t need it as much.

You will receive full support from both companies via email, phone, and online chat, as well.  There’s no obligation and you can easily see how each company works (SAS = 14 day trial, Conversational = 30 day trial) before you commit to paying for a monthly plan.

Overall, both SAS Answering Service and Conversational offer excellent answering services. However, Conversational offers a longer trial, a lower cost, and more features and benefits. When looking at both companies, Conversational comes out on top as the right choice for your call answering service. Try Conversational absolutely free for 30 days – just click the blue button below!

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