Selecting the Right Booking Software for your Business

vacation word circle marked on a calendarA large component to a business person’s day is arranging meetings with new and existing clients when the need arises. If you meet on a regular basis with clients, conduct sales calls or have associates you regularly meet with, you may find that you are scheduling multiple meetings in a week.

A lot of time can be spent managing these meetings, coordinating meeting times, confirming appointments, preparing information, handling cancellations, rescheduling requests or other logistical details. It can be a lot of work and take you away from the tasks at hand to grow your business.

Outsourcing your scheduling duties can be beneficial with the use of online booking programs. These programs provide you with the undivided attention you need to allow your meetings to go smoothly. They also save you a great deal of time in the process.

Using an online scheduling and calendar system is one option. With remote access available on most software the possibilities are endless and schedules can be updated seamlessly from anywhere.

Some components to consider when looking for the best software for your business are:

Paid vs Free

Most free software have limited functions which may not allow for the best experience. Paid versions have more flexible features and offer more technical support but consideration needs to be given to set up and software training, licensing fees and/or access charges.

Customized Software


  • Designed to your exact needs
  • You are 100% in control
  • You can create custom features


  • Very expensive
  • Your job to maintain it. No 24/7 support when things go wrong

Ready Made Software


  • Quick to set up and get going
  • MUCH more affordable
  • Dedicated to system maintenance and customer support


  • Can’t create custom features
  • Limited functions to collect data and reports







Making The Right Decision

This is a big decision, because it is so essential to the running of your business. Be sure to do your research and look for free trial software and online demos.

Our virtual receptionists at Conversational are well adept in a variety of scheduling software.

Some of those software include:








And many more……

Let your virtual receptionist worry about those incoming calls and handle all your business’ booking and scheduling needs. Contact us today. No matter what the software, as long it is accessible remotely, we will train our receptionists to work with it.


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