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We are an answering service call center that serves a multitude of industries, from legal to retail. We are the perfect option for companies that require a specialized level of service but don’t want to hire full-time employees just yet.

Because we serve so many industries, we offer an extensive list of features and services that can help your company step away from administrative duties so you can better focus on the higher-level tasks that are part of running and growing your business.

Call Center for Businesses

Answering service call center

Most call centers will simply take phone calls on your company’s behalf, but we don’t stop there. Our answering service call center is like an extension of your business.

We learn about your company through the questionnaire you’ll fill out during signup. We study your website and preferred call handling procedures so we can appear like we’re right in the office with you when we handle your callers. That’s much more than most call centers offer!

Industries we support

We support a variety of industries by offering specialized service that’s anything but generic. Our legal clients need one type of call answering; beauty salons need another. A successful answering service call center can’t offer the same type of service across industries – it has to be customized for the client. That’s precisely what we do.


Whether an attorney is working in a virtual law office (VLO), solo, or as part of a small law firm, our specialty legal answering service can provide a way to capture more leads and ensure no client calls are missed. When a single legal client can be worth thousands, missing calls and losing leads is a dangerous practice.

Our team has worked with a number of attorneys and legal professionals over the years. They’re experienced working with attorneys and law firms and are deeply familiar with legal terminology and lead capture processes.


Medical offices, centers, and practices can benefit from our specialized medical answering service call center. Our service includes free appointment booking, and that feature alone can make the low cost of our service more than worth it for a company in the medical industry.

Because of our appointment booking feature and our low cost, we are popular with medical offices around the U.S. We have extensive experience working with these types of businesses and can offer a specialized level of service to your clients and patients.


The beauty industry often relies on appointments to stay in business, and taking appointments is a time-consuming process that takes your attention away from the tasks at hand. With our free appointment booking service, you can eliminate this costly distraction and get back to making your clients look their best. Our answering service call center is perfect for:

  • Beauty salons
  • Barber shops
  • Nail salons
  • Makeup studios
  • Spas and massage studios
  • Waxing salons
Small business

Local services and small businesses in general find our answering service call center very helpful. Without the funds to hire full-time employees, the responsibility of answering the phone often falls to the owner. But for a surprisingly low monthly cost, small businesses can have our dedicated answering service handle their calls and inquiries professionally.

You set your preferences, so our team never sounds like a generic answering service when they speak to your callers. Your company name and information will be given to callers as part of the greeting our team uses when answering your calls. We can even help you promote specials and deals you’re running!


Even if you don’t own a business, you may still find our answering service call center a great help to lightening your workload. Executives and professionals enjoy our service because we help them screen calls and spend less time on the phone. “Your success depends on your hard work; delegating your phone calls to an answering service is one easy way to┬ásimplify your life and decrease your work load.”

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Service call center features

In order to best serve your business and your industry, we offer a multitude of features and services that make our company stand out from our competition. We’re always adding to our list of features, but here’s the minimum that will be included with your plan:

  • A free 30 day trial with 1,000 minutes
  • Answer inbound calls
  • Place outbound calls
  • Message delivery via text message or email
  • Answer customer inquiries according to your preferences
  • Call screening
  • Warm transfers
  • Custom greetings and call handling procedures
  • Free local phone number w/ toll free option
  • Unlimited talk time after transfer
  • Monthly minutes report
  • Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade anytime

With all these features for as low as $1.15/minute, your business can’t go wrong with our answering service call center, no matter your industry. We offer the most personalized service possible to ensure our service seems like a seamless extension of your business. You’ve worked hard building your company; we’ll work hard handling your phone calls so you can concentrate on what matters most to you.

Try us free for 30 days with no obligation to sign up after the trial period ends. We think you’ll love our service – how else could we offer a full month absolutely free? Click the button below to sign up now!

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