Shark Tank Cooler Talk: Interviews With Your Favorite Contestants

shark tank cooler talk

Should your business go on ABC’s Shark Tank?  This is a difficult decision to make and you shouldn’t rush to judgment!  Of course we’ve all heard about the sales or marketing bump you receive from being on TV, however are you prepared to give up equity and welcome new partners to your business?  These are the types of issues that we’ve been researching as we make our decision.  According to Shaan Patel, founder of Shark Tank winning company Prep Expert, “…of the 50,000 entrepreneurs who audition every year, approximately 100 will air on television.” Read the full interview here.

So why are we writing about appearing on Shark Tank when the chances are so slim and it could be nothing more than a pipe dream?  At Conversational, we follow the show closely and applied via email hoping they’d take interest. Like most, we initially didn’t receive a reply.  However, everything recently changed when we received the following voicemail from the show! Obviously this has us all excited as we start our adventure.

Voicemail From Shark Tank


The decision to go on Shark Tank shouldn’t be taken lightly and we wanted to reach out to our fellow business owners for their thoughts and comments.  Additionally, we’ve started a new blog series that interviews business owners that have previously been on the show so we can make what’s possibly the biggest business decision of our lives!

Shark Tank contestants: Is going on the show worth it?

Tracey Noonan, Co-Founder of Wicked Good Cupcakes

shark tank wicked good cupcakes interview

Shaan Patel, Founder of Prep Expert    

shark tank cooler talk

Diana Harbour, Co-Founder of The Red Dress Boutique

shark tank cooler talk

Alex Furmansky, Founder of Budsies

budsies on shark tank

John O’Connor, CEO of ‘brellaBox

shark tank cooler talk

Follow us on our mission to make this tough decision and possibly join the many successful businesses that have been in the Shark Tank!

If you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, you probably find yourself wondering about how the businesses you’ve seen pitched on the show are doing today – the ones who got a deal, and the ones who didn’t. We track down Shark Tank participants and get the details on what happens behind-the-scenes and after the show.

We’ve heard some amazing, inspirational stories through these Shark Tank company interviews. Find out what it’s really like to be in the tank with the Sharks and see how your favorite contestants are doing today in our interviews above!

*** Please do not contact us asking for the contact information for the show or their directors.  This information will not be shared and it isn’t for sale!

Visit ABC’s website!

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