Virtual Receptionist Service for Small Businesses

smallbusinessSmall businesses and local services spend much of the day actually helping and interfacing with clients. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for other day-to-day tasks like answering calls and handling appointments.

The perfect solution would be a low-cost service that could answer your calls, book appointments for you, and screen the calls you don’t want to take: In other words, a virtual receptionist.

We’re in the virtual receptionist business because we know business owners don’t want to spend valuable time answering phones and handling administrative tasks that someone else could easily take over.

The hallmark of a seasoned business owner is the willingness to delegate the tasks that can be done cost-effectively through another source. When you truly start to focus on growing your small business, day-to-day responsibilities like answering the phone and making your own appointments will begin to hold you back.

Seeing the forest for the trees is an ability a business owner develops over time. As you transition from focusing on the day-to-day (the trees) to focusing on the big picture (the forest), your priorities will change.

You’ll find that the tasks you’re spending most of your time on today (like answering the phone, responding to client questions, and handling the books) can be done by other qualified parties, freeing you up to oversee the strategic, big-picture plans (like partnerships, marketing strategies, redesigns, etc.).

How can a virtual receptionist help small businesses?

3 strategies to reduce small business startup costsIf you hire a full-time, in-office receptionist to take over the tasks you’re trying to eliminate from your to-do list, you have to pay a salary or an hourly wage. This puts a sudden, incredible strain on your budget.

Not only is this be an expensive position to fill in-house, but it also plays an essential role in your customer service quality. Your receptionist is often the first point of contact between your company and your customers.

You can work with an experienced, cost-effective, and friendly receptionist on a month-to-month basis when you sign up with Conversational. We employ a team of experienced virtual receptionists full-time so you can use our service whenever you need it. There are no contracts, no obligations, and no hidden fees.

When you sign up with Conversational, your first month is free. Not “You’ll love it or your money back,” but truly, genuinely, absolutely free. We give small businesses 30 days to use our full service so you can experience how helpful our virtual receptionist service is for a full calendar month before you decide if you want to sign up.

The right virtual receptionist can help a small business in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Ensure no calls are missed
  • Every caller is greeted live by your virtual receptionist
  • Custom greetings and call handling procedures
  • Help your business appear larger
  • Get a free local phone number
  • Offer consistent customer service
  • Enable you to take vacations & time away from the office
  • Friendly, warm, professional receptionists
  • Month-to-month; no contracts

In addition, our virtual receptionists will provide the absolute best possible customer service for your clients. This will make it easy for clients to prefer your company over the competition.

Imagine if your potential customers never had to leave a message or call your business without getting an answer. A virtual receptionist gives you the ability to leave the office when you want and take more time off without leaving your clients out in the cold.

Outshine your competition

virtual receptionist service for small businessesAs a small business, it can be very difficult to compete with other small businesses and larger companies. There are 2 general ways to level the playing field in business: Lower prices or outperform the competition.

Many times, you won’t be able to lower your prices, but offering better service than your competition is always achievable. Customers will be willing to pay a little more if they know the service will be better and they are supporting a local or small business.

You can outshine your competition by having a professional receptionist answer your client calls, while your competitor may still be sporadically answering business calls on his or her smartphone.

How much does a virtual receptionist cost?

The cost of a virtual receptionist varies by provider, but we’ll outline our own pricing plans and structure below.

Your first month is free

New clients never pay for their first month with Conversational. Once you sign up, you’ll fill out a questionnaire about your business and the way you want your phone calls handled. We’ll assign you a free local phone number and get call forwarding set up, and within a few hours, you’ll be up and running with your team of virtual receptionists! There are absolutely no fees or contracts. Your first month’s total cost is $0.00. 

During your 30 day free trial, you’ll have 1,000 minutes to use however you’d like – on incoming calls, by having your virtual receptionist make outbound calls for you, or a mix of both. For reference, most of our small business clients use less than 500 minutes per month, so running out of minutes during your free trial is very unlikely. We’ll keep track of the number of minutes you use during your free trial and help determine the lowest-cost monthly plan that will suit your needs if you decide to sign up after your trial ends.

3 monthly plans to choose from

Depending on the number of calls you get or need your receptionist to make each month after your free trial ends, you’ll be able to choose from any of our 3 monthly plans: The Small Biz Plan, The Business Plan, and The Corporate Plan.


This basic package includes 100 minutes along with all of our virtual receptionist features: Custom call answering, appointment booking, appointment reminders, customer service, free voicemail box, free local phone number, and messages delivered straight to your email or smartphone.

Phone forwarding serviceThe Business Plan

This intermediate package includes 200 minutes along with all of our virtual receptionist features: Custom call answering, appointment booking, appointment reminders, customer service, free voicemail boxes, free local phone number, and messages delivered straight to your email or smartphone.

phone forwarding serviceThe Corporate Plan

This advanced package includes 300 minutes along with all of our virtual receptionist features: Custom call answering, appointment booking, appointment reminders, customer service, free voicemail boxes, free local phone number, and messages delivered straight to your email or smartphone.

Try us free

Hiring a full-time receptionist for one year costs more than 2,000% more than our Starter Plan. A virtual receptionist costs less and does the same job as a traditional receptionist, except you don’t pay for vacations, sick days, salaries, or office equipment.

You can trust our A+ Better Business Bureau-rated company to provide top-notch customer service to your callers. Small businesses can view all our monthly pricing details and sign up for a free 30 day trial by clicking the button below!

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