Specialty Answering Service

Conversational is not just any answering service – we offer a growing list of industry specializations that enable us to provide seamless service for your callers, no matter what industry you’re in. An attorney, for example, requires radically different call handling procedures than a retail store or beauty salon. The important differences between industries make a specialty answering service like ours the best choice for a niche or specialized industry.

Specialty Answering Service

A specialty answering service is the clear answer for your niche business, but it can be challenging to find a specialty answering service that offers a service geared toward your specific industry. With experienced call answering specialists who can respond appropriately to your clients’ calls and inquiries, your callers will never have to know you’re using a cost-effective answering service outside of your office.

specialty answering service

Industries we specialize in

We serve several industries because our team is experienced working with a range of businesses, from attorneys and doctor’s offices to beauty salons and retail stores.


Attorneys, whether working solo, virtually, or in a larger practice, can take advantage of our specialty legal answering service. Our skilled answering specialists are experienced working with attorneys and law firms. They are familiar with legal terminology and lead capture procedures.

Our answering service plans are a fraction of ┬áthe cost of hiring a receptionist to work in the office or having your paralegal answer your calls. Our specialty legal answering service doesn’t cost extra and like all our plans, includes a free 30 day trial.


We provide a specialty medical answering service for doctors’ offices, clinics, outpatient centers, and more. There are 2 reasons our medical answering service is perfect for medical offices:

  1. We offer free appointment booking with every plan
  2. We have years of experience handling calls for medical offices

Medical and wellness offices often choose our specialty answering service because of our experience in this industry, our low prices, and the free features that come with our plans like appointment booking, message delivery via email or text message, warm call transfers, handling basic customer inquiries, and more.

And like all of our specialty answering services, you’ll get a 30 day free trial when you sign up. That’s plenty of time to try the service and see if it’s right for your office!


Beauty salons, nail salons, barber shops, salon supply stores, makeup studios, waxing salons, and more can benefit from using our specialty beauty salon answering service. The beauty industry often runs on appointments – and stopping work to answer calls and make appointments can be costly. Hiring a receptionist is even costlier, so many stylists and techs end up answering the phone themselves.

Our team has years of experience handling phone calls for salons and studios, so we understand industry terminology and the importance of booking appointments with the proper time slots for different services. We are one of the only salon answering services that offers a full 30 day free trial. Take a month off from answering the phone at your salon and let us handle your appointments and transfers! You won’t want to return to the old way of doing things.

Retail & small business

Retail stores and local services can make wonderful use of our specialty small business answering service. It’s the perfect phone coverage for businesses that see the importance of connecting with each caller and developing loyal customers from leads. Small businesses need someone to answer the phone because many times, small businesses are run by solo owners or only employ a few people.

When every task is important, stopping to answer the phone is an expensive distraction. Letting a small business answering service like us handle your callers will take a load off your shoulders and help you keep better control of the experience your callers have on the phone with your business.

Executives & professionals

Even executives and professionals that don’t own their own business can use a specialty answering service to lighten their load without dishing out a full-time salary to an assistant or receptionist. We have experience answering calls for professionals and executives across multiple industries, so our team is prepared to provide the best service to your callers and represent you exceptionally well over the phone.

Your success depends on your hard work; delegating your phone calls to an answering service is one easy way to simplify your life and decrease your work load.


You might think a specialty answering service should be expensive, but we believe making specialized service affordable is what makes our company stand out. We don’t charge additional fees or higher monthly rates for specialized legal, beauty, medical, retail, small business, or executive answering services. We know that the more affordable our service is, the more we can support your business for growth.

  • 30 day free trial | 1,000 minutes, all features included, $0.00
  • Starter plan | 100 minutes, all features included, $129
  • Professional plan | 200 minutes, all features included, $239
  • Enterprise plan | 500 minutes, all features included, $579

We say this often, and we mean it: “Your success is our success.” When our happy clients are growing and succeeding, so are we. That’s why our pricing is some of the lowest in the industry, and don’t forget our 30 day free trial for all new signups!

Ready to start a 30 day free trial with any of our specialty answering services? Click below to sign up for your free trial now!

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