SugarCRM vs Zoho – A Match of Top CRM Choices

It could be very easy to look at SugarCRM vs Zoho and make a decision based on price. SugarCRM Professional Edition is the same cost as Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition. However, the SugarCRM PE is a mid-level program, while Zoho CRM EE is a higher-level option.

Before you rush to judgement and assume Zoho is better than SugarCRM, it’s important to get all the facts. Cost isn’t always the only deciding factor as value makes a bigger difference. Here’s what you can expect when you compare SugarCRM vs Zoho.

Marketing Automation

One if the key reasons businesses choose a CRM system is for automation. With marketing automation, you can easily reach your audience, control social media and handle other types of marketing without investing as much time.

Zoho CRM and SugarCRM both provide many great tools for marketing automation. You can use the web-to-lead capturing tools, email templates, mass emails and campaign tracking tools within both programs. Zoho CRM does come with autoresponders, which SugarCRM doesn’t have.

With the ability to use autoresponders, which can be very helpful for businesses, Zoho CRM takes the battle of Marketing Automation. However, if autoresponders don’t matter to you, the two CRM options tie in this category.

Sales Tracking

SugarCRM and Zoho CRM both provide the ability to track leads, contacts and opportunities within your sales funnel. They have tools for sales forecasting and quotas, as well. Zoho CRM comes packed with features for tracking the competition, creating macros, tracking activities and selling as a team.

The Feeds feature within Zoho provides an interesting choice because it turns it into a bit of a social network. It’s possible for users to follow other users, records or tasks and communicate about items right within the system. It can be very helpful in disconnected offices and make collaboration much easier.

Since Zoho provides a more social aspect to the CRM system, it’s the winner when it comes to sales tracking. SugarCRM is quite good, but doesn’t have anything to top the Feeds feature of Zoho CRM.

Social Interaction

It’s important to use social networks and stay engaged in the business world of today. When looking at SugarCRM vs Zoho CRM, it’s important to look at the social interaction ability of both.

SugarCRM provides the ability to interact with Twitter and Facebook integrated into the system. This is a great starter package when it comes to social networking combined with CRM. However, Zoho CRM has it topped with the ability to monitor mentions on social sites and track customer interactions. It also integrates both Twitter and Facebook into this system.

The battle of social interaction between SugarCRM and Zoho CRM goes to Zoho. It’s far more social in design and allows for tracking of social mentions, which can be a very powerful tool.

Workflow Management

While not all businesses use a CRM system for workflow management, it can become a very important tool. When your CRM has the ability to remind you and prepare you to do tasks in order, it can become very valuable. From moving records from one place to another to email reminders, there are several tasks you can program a CRM to handle.

Zoho CRM comes with the ability to do everything including lead assignment automation and case escalation. It’s also very customizable, which allows you to control the way it works. SugarCRM, on the other hand doesn’t come with these abilities at all. Zoho is the winner in this category, as well.


Cost isn’t usually the deciding factor, but in some circumstances, your budget does matter. When we look at Zoho CRM EE vs. SugarCRM PE, the prices are the same at $35 per users per month. Regardless of the option you choose, you will spend $4,200 for a year with 10 users.

However, if you step up to SugarCRM EE, which does come with more features not included in the PE version, you will spend $7,200 per year for ten users. This level is supposed to be equivalent to the Zoho CRM EE.

Another important cost factor to consider is the way these prices are billed. With Zoho, you truly get a monthly price of $35 per user paid each month. However, with SugarCRM, you get $35 per month pricing billed annually. You won’t have quite the same flexibility with SugarCRM as you will with Zoho CRM when it comes to billing.

In the battle of cost, both are the same cost, but Zoho gives you an enterprise level edition compared to just a professional level edition from SugarCRM.

Who’s the Winner of SugarCRM vs Zoho?

When it comes to the overall comparison, Zoho CRM provides more for your money. The highest level edition cost the same as the mid-level edition of SugarCRM and provides a much better social option.

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