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Virtual Gal Friday

When comparing Virtual Gal Friday and Conversational, you have to really look at what you are getting. The packages may seem similar, but there is a clear choice between the two. Here’s a look at how they compare and which company is the better choice for your virtual assistant needs.

Cost of Packages

Hiring a virtual assistant shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. It should be affordable, yet provide high quality work.

Both Virtual Gal Friday and Conversational offer multiple packages for your virtual assistant needs. However, there is a very large difference when it comes to the cost of the packages offered.

Virtual Gal Friday VA Packages

Virtual Gal Friday or VGAL offers two sets of packages: Classic and Premium. Each type of package provides three different levels. The Classic level packages include:

  • VGAL Starter – Up to 5 hours per month for $250 per month
  • VGAL Basic – Up to 10 hours per month for $500 per month
  • VGAL Classic – Up to 15 hours per month for $725 per month.

Each of the VGAL Classic packages includes one assigned virtual assistant you can contact through chat, email or phone daily. You will also get access to a client dashboard with email and online support, along with task and project management tools. The classic level packages also include Q&A emails with Nancy Brown and a 30-minute business strategy call with Nancy every month.

The VGAL Premium packages provide a longer monthly call with Nancy Brown, along with more than just one assistant with two of the packages. These packages include:

  • VGAL Plus – Up to 20 hours per month for $950 per month.
  • VGAL Premiere – Up to 30 hours per month for $1,425 per month. Includes 2 assigned assistant.
  • VGAL Premiere Plus – Up to 50 hours per month for $2,250 per month. Includes 3 assigned assistants.

Before you consider any package from any virtual assistant service, it’s important to know what you are paying hourly. With Virtual Gal Friday, you will spend between $45 and $50 per hour for your virtual assistant(s).

Conversational VA Packages

Conversational’s package structure is much easier to understand and quite simple. They offer three packages including:

  • Startup – Up to 10 hours per month for $300 per month
  • Entrepreneur – Up to 20 hours per month for $560 per month
  • Small Business – Up to 40 hours per month for $1,000 per month

All packages from Conversational include as many virtual assistants as necessary to cover the work you need done. The packages allow you to set the schedule and tasks. With Conversational, you get a far better deal and even better quality of service.

Both companies offer professionally trained virtual assistants, but Conversational certainly has a lower price. For the same price you will pay with Virtual Gal Friday (per hour) you could hire two or three in-house assistants.

A company offering virtual assistant services shouldn’t charge such a higher price. Even though Virtual Gal Friday offers a short business strategy meeting with Nancy Brown, is it really worth paying so much month after month? You most likely have a solid business plan and know what you want to accomplish. Will a short call with Virtual Gal Friday change enough to make it worth paying two or three times the cost for a Virtual Assistant(s)?

Weekly vs. Monthly Hours

One last point before we get to the clear winner of the battle between Virtual Gal Friday and Conversational. When you choose a virtual assistant service offering only a certain number of hours per month, you have to be very careful. VGAL offers 5 to 50 hours per month, which isn’t very much.

Imagine how quickly you can fill up five hours of work. In one month, you will go through this small package very fast and you may be left hanging without a virtual assistant for the rest of the month. If you want more hours, you will have to spend more money.

When you choose Conversational, you can choose from between 10 hours per month to 40 hours per month to ensure all your tasks can be taken care of without you running out of time with your virtual assistant.

The Winner Between Virtual Gal Friday and Conversational

There is a clear winner and it’s Conversational. They offer professional virtual assistants ready to take care of any business tasks you need handled and the price is fair. With Virtual Gal Friday, you pay far more than the average virtual assistant charges and you don’t get enough extras to make it really worth your money.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for your virtual assistant needs, Conversational is the right choice for you.

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