Virtual Receptionist Features

A good virtual receptionist should come with features tailored to fit your business needs. Our virtual receptionist plans¬†include a large list of free and optional features that you can update or change at any time. Conversational’s range of virtual receptionist features are what make us the leading virtual receptionist provider for small businesses.

A quick glance at the virtual receptionist features we offer (more details are available below):

  • virtual receptionist featuresLive call answering
  • General inquiries
  • Basic customer service
  • Free local phone number
  • Free voicemail box(es)
  • Advanced call screening
  • Custom call handling
  • Temporary call instructions
  • Outbound calls
  • Appointment booking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Voicemail messages to email
  • Voicemail messages to secure text message
  • Fully personalized service

These features won’t cost you any extra, and they’re all included with your free one month trial of our service. What use is it to try a limited version of a service for 30 days? We give you the opportunity to use all of our features as soon as you sign up for your free trial because we want you to discover which features matter most to you.

Check out our virtual receptionist features below!

Virtual receptionist features

Live call answering

We answer every call live and we never let your callers go automatically to voicemail. You can forward your existing phone number to us or take advantage of your free assigned local phone number you’ll get at signup. You can use both numbers in your business contact details if you’d like.

Either way, your virtual receptionist will answer your incoming calls in a friendly and professional manner with a personal greeting and call handling process you can fully customize. We work with many industries, including legal, medical, retail, insurance, salons, real estate, and eCommerce, and can provide custom tailored answering for each.

General inquiries & basic customer service

If callers are looking for your hours of operation or location, you’re covered with Conversational – providing basic customer service is one of our top virtual receptionist features! We enjoy learning about the types of products or services your business has to offer your clients so we can help assist them or answer any inquiries they have. Every question our receptionists can answer for your callers is one less call you’ll have to deal with!

How do we learn so much about your company? In addition to the questionnaire you’ll fill out when you sign up, our team of virtual receptionists do fact drills when they take on new clients to ensure they get to know your business before representing it. Our goal is to ensure it’s like we are right in your own office with you.

Advanced call screening

You can say goodbye to intrusive calls from salespeople and telemarketers! Your virtual receptionist is adept in the art of call screening in a professional and friendly way. Your virtual receptionist will first take down information from the caller and then give you the details of the call and ask if you’d like them to transfer the call to you.

Should you be unable to answer the call at that time, just advise your receptionist and they will take a detailed message or forward them to your voicemail to be handled by you at a better time.

Customized call handling

Custom call handling is important when you’re selecting a virtual receptionist or answering service. Each call should be handled in the proper way, and “one size fits all” just doesn’t work in customer service. Maybe you want certain clients to be greeted differently or transferred directly to you; perhaps you just want to make sure every vendor call goes to your accounting department. We can handle each call the way you prefer.

Similarly, the contact method you choose may not work for other staff or department members within your business. We can customize the call handling to the individual choice of each employee, ensuring complete efficiency and ease of use for everyone.

Set temporary call instructions

For meetings outside of the office, emergency scenarios, or those afternoons you choose to get out and take in a round of golf, you can have peace of mind that you won’t miss any important calls during your absence.

Simply email us with the directions that you will be out and how you want those calls delivered to you later on. It is that simple and can be changed at any time. This is one of the virtual receptionist features that closely mimics what it’s like to have an in-house receptionist.

Outbound calls

Outbound calls are included at no extra cost with every virtual receptionist plan we offer. Have some outbound phone calls to make and a million reasons you don’t want to do it? Let us reach out to reschedule those appointments, collect information, or deliver information as per your request. Simply email us the details and move on to what you do best while we handle the calls for you.

Appointment booking

You don’t have to handle appointment booking in-house. You can give us remote access to the scheduling software you’re already using to book your appointments in real-time and ensure your calendar is updated instantly. Our team can schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments on your behalf, and because your schedule will instantly show the changes made, you’re always up to date.

Our policy is to attempt to reschedule when a caller asks to cancel an appointment.¬†Our receptionists also place appointment reminder calls to ensure your bookings are as accurate as possible – read more about this feature below. Additionally, you won’t have to switch your scheduling software. Our receptionists are guaranteed to be well versed in your current program!

Appointment reminders

Every business knows the frustration of dealing with cancelled or missed appointments. We automatically call your upcoming appointment bookings to confirm a day in advance or whatever time frame you choose. Knowing an appointment slot has become available allows you time to fill this time slot or focus on other duties during this open space.

But what will really excite you is how our free appointment reminder feature can get rid of no-shows! Our appointment reminder service is one of our top-rated virtual receptionist features and has been shown to reduce no-shows by up to 75%. What could that do for your business?

Voicemail messages delivered by email

No matter where you are when a voicemail comes through, you have the ease of listening to your messages wherever you are. Your voicemail messages can be sent either via secure text message to your cell phone or via email to the address(s) of your choice.

Whether you choose secure text message or email, the message will have an attached file of the recorded message for listening in .wav format.

One way secure text notifications

Don’t use email that much or do not have access to this on the go? No problem! Our receptionists can deliver messages via text messaging right to your cellular device. This correspondence only works one way to deliver your client’s message and cannot be responded back to the receptionists. This is a great feature for those quick change details throughout your day.

Personalize your service

We can set up your calls to route exactly how you wish. You can turn our service off and on when you need it – even if it’s only during your busiest times, or when your receptionist is on vacation. We can also provide personalized greetings to each caller, personalized hold music that you can choose from in our library, or you can email us your own sound file.

Have some promotions on the go? The phone system is a great way to deliver those details to your callers. Through hold music announcements we can record promos to play intermittently for you, or as a greeting itself. Tell us what you want and we will find a way to get it done.

Full-time, part-time, backup, and overflow reception services

Whether you have a need for full-time reception services or a backup service to supplement your in-house receptionist, Conversational’s virtual receptionists can cover the phones when you need us. With your business calls forwarded to us full time, you can have the ease of mind that your calls are being answered and no calls are missed.

Our backup or part-time reception services allow you to choose when to forward those calls to us, or when to have those handled in-house. This can be very helpful to cover sick days, staff holidays, or just to ensure those calls coming through when your receptionist is busy or absent are no longer missed.

Our clients use our virtual receptionists to cover their phones either:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Seasonal
  • As a backup
  • For overflow

Your first month is free. Get started now!

These virtual receptionist features are what set Conversational apart from the competition. We’re always adding more robust features to meet our clients’ growing needs! If you’re ready to get started with a team of skilled virtual receptionists, we invite you to start a free 30 day trial with our virtual receptionists.

We’re so confident that you’ll love working with our virtual receptionists that we’re offering this free trial to all new clients. Your first month total is $0.00, and there’s no obligation to keep the service after your trial ends. Start your free trial now to begin using these virtual receptionist features today!

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