VoiceNation vs Conversational – The Right Virtual Receptionist Choice

Voice Nation vs ConversationalVoiceNation and Conversational offer solutions for small, medium and large businesses. When you run into the issue of dealing with calls after hours or a high call volume, either company can provide a solution. Here’s a quick comparison of both companies.

Comparing the Features

Both VoiceNation and Conversational offer virtual receptionist services. With VoiceNation it’s called life answering service because they also offer other services.

With VoiceNation, you get instant activation, free virtual fax, order processing, local and toll free phone numbers, call patching and more. They offer plenty of features and give you the ability to sound like a larger business, even if you work from home.

Conversational also offers many of the same features including live call transferring, customized call handling, ability to answer general questions, live phone answering, temporary call instructions, appointment scheduling, voicemail delivered via email and text, return calling service and more. The packages from Conversational give you plenty of features to sound more professional on the phone.

Both companies offer great features and there isn’t a clear winner when it come to the features. VoiceNation and Conversational go above the industry standard and provide more than expected with their live call answering services.


With many business decisions it comes down to the price. The decision to hire a virtual receptionist is no different.

VoiceNation offers a variety of packages starting with the 40 for 40 package. This package is $40 and gives you 40 minutes of ‘talk time.’ However, you don’t get any call transferring (call patching) – they’ll only take messages for you. Every other additional service has a fee.

They also offer the following plans:

  • Quickstart 0 minutes – $59/month
  • Business 75 minutes – $99/month
  • Pro 125 minutes – $149/month
  • Platinum 250 minutes – $249/month
  • Executive 500 minutes – $449/month

Conversational doesn’t offer nearly as many packages in order to keep things simple. They offer three packages, which are:

  • Starter¬†– 100 minutes – $129/month
  • Professional – 200 minutes – $239/month
  • Enterprise – 500 minutes – $579/month

All three packages provide appointment and booking services, warm call transfers, unlimited talk time after transfer, voicemail storage boxes, and voicemails delivered to your email inbox.

Both companies provide the ability to customize larger packages, as well.

When it comes to the price, Conversational edges out VoiceNation with lower prices on more inclusive packages.

The Glaring Difference

Live Call AnsweringSometimes, businesses offer too many services and it can take away from the quality provided with each service. Conversational specializing in virtual receptionist services and doesn’t offer any other services. This makes a difference in the quality provides.

However, with VoiceNation, they offer multiple services, such a PBX and voicemail. This can take time away from the virtual receptionist service and cause the quality to drop.

Overall, Conversational offers a high quality virtual receptionist service at a lower price than VoiceNation on most packages. Conversational offers a 30 day free trial with 1000 minutes included while VoiceNation only offers a free trial of 30 minutes. Conversational also specializes in live phone answering to ensure you get the best possible service with any package you choose.

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