Why Us?

Choosing the right virtual receptionists to fit your specific business isn’t always easy. Of course, you want a company that can provide both professional and friendly receptionists for your customers. However, it takes more than just a friendly voice and a professional attitude to provide the best possible service.

Why Us?

When you choose Conversational Receptionists, you’re choosing a service packed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide the best possible service you can find and all of our receptionists are based in the United States and Canada. This ensures your customers won’t have to deal with language barriers or heavy accents when they call.

Our team of professionals will do more than just answer the phone for you. They provide a good impression for your business and they help save you money. You won’t need to hire your own receptionist and you won’t have to worry about missed calls when he/she is busy doing something else.

A few of the benefits you gain when you hire Conversational Receptionists include:

  • A Toll-Free number to represent your business – At an additional cost your plan can come with a toll-free number you can use with marketing and other materials.
  • Hold Music – If we do have to put someone on hold while transferring them, they won’t just get stuck with dead air.
  • Live call forwarding, screening and transferring – Our virtual receptionists can handle screening, transferring and forwarding calls to any number necessary.
  • Scheduling – We can help schedule appointments and keep your calendar updated as calls come in.

Many other benefits come along with a virtual receptionist from Conversational Receptionists. We provide the type of service that will allow you to get back to what you do best. As our virtual receptionists take care of all your calls, you can concentrate on building your business to the next level.

Experienced Call Center Receptionists

Experience matters and we provide plenty of experience with our virtual receptionists. We have over 14 years of experience in the call center industry. Our team of professionals knows how to handle both small and large call volumes for your company. Whether you just need us to fill in during times when you’re out of the office or you want us to take care of all your calls during business hours, we’re ready to help.

If you have any questions about our service, contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Conversational is the leading virtual receptionist, virtual assistant, and call answering service provider in North America. With a team of skilled, friendly virtual receptionists and virtual assistants paired with our cutting edge technology, we're dedicated to delivering a great experience to your callers at a price you can afford. Put an end to missed calls and take advantage of the number one call answering service for small businesses, legal firms, and medical offices today!

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