WordPress vs Tumblr – Which is Best?

wordpress vs tumblr

When you decide you want to start a blog, you will need a platform. Both WordPress and Tumblr provide popular options. In fact, they are two of the largest blogging platforms with plenty of features and affordable pricing.
WordPress is more suited for the professional user, while Tumbler may be a better choice for community-driven blogging. Here’s a look at what you get with each of these blog platforms: WordPress vs Tumblr.


WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms available. It comes in two different forms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. With the .com option, you will be given free hosting and access to hundreds of customizable blog themes. Users also gain access to a number of widgets and plugins to make it even more flexible.

With WordPress.com, you can upgrade to a custom domain name for just $13 per year, which will eliminate the YOURSITE.wordpress.com. Even though the .com option is a great starting point, using WordPress.org is a much better solution for bloggers.

WordPress.org is completely free to use and does provide an upgraded package for $99 with additional features. There’s also a $300 business package for eCommerce with email support and 13GB of storage space.

The best and most flexible way to use WordPress is through your own hosting. Even with shared hosting, you will likely get WordPress free of charge and you can use it on your own domain name for blogging. It comes with access to thousands of plugins and plenty of themes both free and paid.

Tumblr, on the other hand, isn’t as flexible as WordPress. It’s designed as a straightforward and minimalistic platform for blogging. In fact, many describe it as a micro-blogging platform and it’s actually more of a social media site than a place to host your blog.

The platform works great for those looking for the heavy social component. It’s designed for users to follow blogs, like posts and get reblogged. Users gain access to many premade themes, but there isn’t much customization involved with Tumblr.

For a small fee ranging from $9 to $49, users can gain better customization through a premium theme. This does allow for more than the free version, but it’s still not nearly as flexible as WordPress, either version.

When it comes to the battle of flexibility between WordPress and Tumbler, WordPress is the winner.


Pricing for WordPress vs Tumblr is rather low and easily affordable. Both provide free options for those looking to start a blog with no upfront investment. WordPress.com also offers the ability to use your own domain name for just $13 per year.
With WordPress.org, the overall cost depends on how you use it. You can opt for the upgraded package for $99 and gain access to additional features or you can choose the $300 business packages if you need eCommerce tools and email support.

Another way you can use WordPress is through your own hosting. Shared hosting ranged from about $3 to $15 per month, while VPS hosting may be as low as $20 per month or as much as $150 per month depending on the size of your package. The WordPress element of hosting is free, but you will need to pay for hosting and for a domain name to use it.

Tumblr’s pricing is very straight forward and it cannot be used on your own hosting. It’s free to use and there are premium themes you can add to your account for $9 to $49. No other upgrades are available with Tumblr.

When it comes to the pricing of WordPress vs Tumblr, it’s a tie. Both provide free versions with upgrades and the pricing can vary depending on how you use the platform and what you require.

Customer Support

While direct support through chat, email or over the phone isn’t exactly great from either choice, they both provide plenty of options to get your questions answered. Upgraded packages from WordPress include some email support. However, the main support system for both Tumblr and WordPress is the community of users.

WordPress offers a large forum full of questions and answers, along with many websites providing tutorials and WordPress support. Some hosting companies will also provide varying levels of support for WordPress.

Tumblr’s main support area is called Tumblr Help. This section offers plenty of links to support options and answers to questions. The Tumblr Development Docs section also offers some support for users.

Overall, the support battle goes to WordPress, but only because of how much information is available about WordPress.

Ease of Use

Tumblr was created to be very straight forward and easy to use. It’s not hard to catch on to the basic features of Tumblr.

WordPress, on the other hand, takes a bit of time to learn. It can be very easy to use, but can also become complicated with certain themes and plugins. The more you add to your blog, the harder it may be to use. However, it’s still very user-friendly.

Tumbler is the winner when it comes to ease of use because it’s so simple. However, WordPress is a user-friendly platform for blogger and only loses in this category due to the many features you may need to learn.

Using Both

While it would be easy to point out a clear winner here, it’s not the right move. WordPress vs Tumblr are different in certain ways including:

  • WordPress is a Publishing Platform, while Tumblr is a Social Network
  • WordPress is used to build your own audience, while Tumblr is used to shared content and connect with other bloggers
  • WordPress is an Open Source platform, while Tumblr is owned by Yahoo
  • With WordPress you own your site, while with Tumblr, you rent your site

Instead of just choosing one, you can use both for content curation. Make WordPress the platform for your main site/blog and publish content in full length on WordPress. Then, use Tumblr as a part of your distribution network to help spread your content. You can post shorter versions of your content with images and videos to gain followers.

If you’re just looking at WordPress vs Tumbler, WordPress is the clear winner for most bloggers. However, you can leverage the power of both for better content curation.

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