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Zirtual and Conversational are rivals in the virtual assistant industry. Both provide VA services to customers ranging from small, work from home businesses to larger corporations. However, there’s a distinct difference between the two companies.

The news was all about Zirtual just a few months ago and the shaky past of this company doesn’t bode well for their reputation. Conversational, on the other hand, has seen nothing but praise from customers and they provide plenty of experience for those seeking virtual receptionist services. Here’s a look at Zirtual vs. Conversational and which one is the best choice for you.

The Virtual Assistants

One of the main factors in your decision to hire either Zirtual or Conversational should be the actual VAs they hire. The virtual assistants from both companies are known as well-trained, professional and US-based. This is important and both companies provide good VAs.

However, Zirtual fired about 400 employees in August 2015 and they are now involved in a lawsuit. The employees were fired in an email that went out at 1:34am and there are potential accusations of the company doing something illegal. The HR chief quit a week before the firing and had posted in a Facebook group that she didn’t want to be involved in doing something illegal.

If you hire a virtual assistant from Zirtual, you may be replacing them rather quickly. With so many former employees not happy with the way things happened, it’s hard to trust that Zirtual has the same quality virtual assistants they were once known for providing.

Choosing Conversational guarantees you will gain access to a team of highly trained and professional virtual assistants. Conversational provides an expert screening process and they only provide the best.

When it comes to the actual VAs at each company, Conversational easily comes out on top.

Services Provided

Virtual assistant services are rather standard across the board. Most companies offer administration, organization, online research, travel, reservations and much more.

With Zirtual, you will be able to have your virtual assistant check your email, respond to it, make reservations for you, handle calendar management, order you lunch, provide reminders, handle customer service outgoing calls and much more. They provide all the normal services you would expect from a virtual assistant firm.

Conversational provides even more than just the virtual assistant services. Since Conversational provides virtual receptionists and lead generating services, you get more than just a virtual assistant. You can actually outsource all your incoming calls to the virtual receptionists at Conversational and utilize the virtual assistants to help with many of your other tasks.

Since Conversational provides more than just virtual assistants, they win when it comes to services provided.

Reputation and Experience

A few months ago, it may have been easy to point to Zirtual and call them the winner when it comes to reputation and experience. However, the tides quickly turned in August. Not only did Conversational gain a head of steam with new client raving about their services, but Zirtual also fell and they fell hard.

Zirtual was on top of the mountain and overnight they fired 400 employees and announced they were shutting down. This happened after a few key employees quit for various reasons. Even though Startups.Co decided to acquire the company, it fell and may not be recoverable.

When the company shut down for nearly a full week, many clients were left without anybody to help them. Services were suspended without any notice, which hurt every single Zirtual client out there. Many of their clients decided to negotiate contracts with the virtual assistants let go by the company.

Even after the acquisition, the company has a tarnished reputation and can no longer claim any experience in the industry. Startups.Co may not be the answer. Zirtual CEO Maren Kate Donovan stated the reason the company went under was “burn.” This is the amount a company spends over the amount they make every month. When the burn rate is too high, a company simply cannot survive.

Now that the reputation has been tarnished and the 400+ experience employees are gone, Startups.Co has quite a bit of work to get it all back. Many clients left when they arrived at a website that said, “Pausing Operations,” with absolutely no explanation.

Conversational, on the other hand, has built a strong reputation for providing high quality services at a fair price. When disaster hit Zirtual, Conversational offered any clients coming from Zirtual a special discount because they wanted to help. They understand how important virtual assistants are for many companies and waking up one morning without an assistant is a disaster.

Hiring Conversational will give you highly experienced virtual assistants ready to support you. The company is built on a strong foundation and doesn’t have a high burn rate like Zirtual did. Instead, Conversational is growing at a natural and maintainable pace.

When it comes to reputation and experience, Conversational is the very clear winner.


Of course, a very important factor in the decision to hire a virtual assistant company is the cost. When looking at the cost, it’s important to understand the value you are getting for every dollar. Sometimes, the cheaper option isn’t the right choice.

Zirtual offers three packages ranging from $399 to $1199 per month. On the lower end, you will receive 16 hours of work from a dedicated virtual assistant available daily from 9am to 5pm. They will provide same day turnaround, email, phone and SMS support.

The middle package is priced at $749 and gives you all the same benefit with 32 hours of service per month. With the most expensive plan, you get up to 55 hours per month with priority turnaround.

It’s possible to add an additional user to any of the packages for $99 per month. You may also opt for branded email, which is $99 per month on the smallest package, but included at no additional charge on the other two packages.

Conversational offers three plans ranging from $300 per month to $1,000 per month. The smallest plan provides 10 hours per month and you get to set the schedule and tasks. Your virtual assistant will be available from 8am to 5pm.

The middle package is priced at $560 per month and includes 20 hours per month with your virtual assistant available from 8am to 5pm. With the largest package, you get 40 hours per month.

Even though the prices from Zirtual appear to be lower, they don’t provide nearly as many hours for the cost as Conversational.

When it comes to price and the value of each package, Conversational provides far more for each dollar you spend. They are the clear winner.

Why Conversational is Far Better than Zirtual

If the self-inflicted catastrophe of Zirtual isn’t enough to convince you that Conversational is a better choice, maybe looking at the hours and benefit provided will be. When you look at the packages from Zirtual, they seem almost like a joke.

With the smallest package, you get about 4 hours of time every week from your virtual assistant for about $100 per week. For an hourly rate of $25 per hour, you could hire a personal assistant to follow you around and do just about anything you need.

In addition, most businesses need far more than just 4 hours of work from their virtual assistant each week. Conversational makes it very transparent and gives you the smallest package at 10 hours per month.

In order to get the same amount of time each week from Zirtual, you will need to pay for their VIP Plan, which gives you 55 hours per month. However, the hourly rate is still higher than Conversational.

When a virtual assistant plan is offered with a certain amount of hours every month, you may be surprised at how quickly you go through them. Some assistants already work 55+ hours every week. Imagine if you paid $1,200 for this size package and you ran through all your hours in just a week or two. How would you get through the rest of the month?

Conversational Steps in to Assist Zirtual Clients and Employees

Along with gaining more hours for a lower cost, Conversational provides virtual assistants ready to take on any task you give them. You get to set the tasks and with the largest package, you even get to set their schedule. These are just a few of the many added benefits you get from Conversational, which Zirtual simply doesn’t offer.

Conversational is a better choice than Zirtual for many reasons. Not only are they better because of the issues Zirtual is still trying to recover from, but also because they offer a better price with more hours and more benefits compared to Zirtual. If you want the best, hire Conversational for your virtual assistant services today!

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